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Is red pepper the same as cayenne pepper?

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Red pepper is such a loose term, it's hard to be sure what someone could mean, especially as usage varies from place to place. It often means a hot pepper such as cayenne. Paprika is also a red pepper, and in Britain, a red pepper would be a sweet red pepper. Capsicum is the chemical in the hot peppers which make them hot. Capsicum is also used in topical pain creams to alleviate muscle pain. However, cayenne peppers are better known as red hot chili peppers, so they shouldn't be the exact same thing.
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Can you substitute cayenne pepper for crushed red pepper?


Is cayenne pepper good for arthritis?

I use cayenne pepper and I have arthritis and have never noticed it making any difference to me. It does work for some people.

Can you use red pepper instead of cayenne in cheese straws?

You can, but the final product will not be the same. The point of using cayenne rather than red pepper flakes is that you want an even distribution of the spice throughout t

How much cayenne pepper equals 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes?

One teaspoon of red pepper flakes is equal to 1/2 teaspoon of  cayenne pepper. Since cayenne pepper is very hot, it should be used  sparingly and to taste.

Are red pepper and a red bell pepper are the same?

The term "bell pepper" implies that it's not spicy, but yes, unless you're talking about a SPECIFIC kind of pepper (i.e. Habanero, Jalepeno) they are the same. Take care. Red

Is cayenne the same as red pepper?

No. A cayenne pepper is almost like a jalapeno pepper, unlike the red pepper.

Will cayenne pepper kill your plants?

Cayenne pepper will not harm plants. It is often used as a natural  insecticide or to keep small critters out of fruit and vegetable  gardens.