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Is reduplicative paramnesia treatable?

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Sometimes. Various treatments have been tried in clinical trials, from drugs to ECT. However, how patients responded to treatment was varied.

(Burgess et al., 1996; Ellis & Szulecka, 1996; Lewis-Lehr, Slaughter, Rupright, Singh, 2000; Weinstein; 1996; Young & Leafhead, 1996)
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Is psychosis treatable?

Effective treatments are available for people who experience episodes of psychosis. As with all illnesses an individual's recovery and overall outcomes are improved greatly by

How treatable is Hodgkins lymphoma?

Hodgkins lymphoma is potentially a curable cancer and has a high survival rate. Even in the late stages this cancer is the most curable and if one is to get cancer, this would

Is asthma treatable?

Asthma is a disorder affecting the airways of the lungs.However, asthma is treatable: medications, asthma management and education are improving all the time. With appropriate

Is Crohn's Disease treatable?

Crohn's disease is treatable but not curable. Crohn's disease is classified as a chronic illness, meaning that although you can be put into remission, they symptoms of the dis

Is non hodgkins lymphoma treatable?

Yes there are treatements for non hodgkins, there are many drugs they can try and if your case is very bad there are other kinds of treatements. You'r doctor will do what he t

Is arthritis treatable?

There are over a hundred different forms of Arthritis. However the main forms of arthritis are Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis and gout. There is treatment for the sympto

Is alcoholism treatable?

Sadly, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, and there is no cure for it. Meaning, once they do stop drinking, they can never again have another drink, not even "just one".

How treatable is endocarditis?

  My husband recently died and the autopsy cited acute endocartitis as the cause of death. He was 64, we thought extremely healthy, and living normally. It was discovered

What is the most treatable cancer?

Skin cancer and lymphoma... Now a days they have stuff that will work in treating it so don't stress. Some stuff they hide you can get exclusively

Is parvo treatable?

yes, but it's very important to get them treated as soon as posibal!

Is pneumonia treatable?

Pneumonia is very treatable in 2014. If caught early enough, a  person can take a round of antibiotics and get better. In some  cases, a person may need to be hospitalized t

What STDs are treatable?

Excepting AIDS all STD may be treated now. You have (1) Gonorrhoea. Treated with injection ceftriaxone 1 gram, once only. (2)Syphilis. Treated with 1.2 or 2.4 million units of
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Is Autism Treatable?

autism is not curable, but there are ways to help with the effects of autism like medications and different activities a person can do to help with the side effects.
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Is mono treatable?

Mono is in fact a treatable condition. While mono cannot be cured  there are medications to make the healing process more tolerable.