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Yes. Religion is a universal concept in human history, convexing race, geography, and time. In every culture studied, religion expression has been documented.
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Is Oxford university a religion university?

Oxford University isn't a 'religious' University as such, but it does teach theology, the study of religions, amongst other degree courses. Also, it has Permament Private Hall

Why humanities is universal?

It's universal because humanities is existing in every person,thing, and place it will gives a meaning to every human living.even non-living things it gives a meaning

What is a universalizing religion?

A religion where followers try to please to all it's people.Christianity, Slam and Buddhism are three UniversalizingReligions.

Is shamanism a Universalizing or Ethnic religion?

Shamanism is not a religion. It is a anthropological description ofmany religions that have some traits in common such as people whogo into trance states and communicate or tr

How do universalizing religions differ from ethnic religions?

All religions are universal at birth, but become ethnic when practiced by certain social groups who understand and apply it in a specific manner. All religions have some unive

Is Islam a universal religion and why?

it is there in every parts of the world ______________________________________________________ Yes, Islam is a universal religion. It is God religion since start of universe

Is zoroastrianism a universalizing religion?

Zoroastrianism, the ancient religion of Iran, teaches universal principles, such as "good thoughts, good words, good deeds." However, it does not promote proseltyzation or see

What religions are not universalizing?

Answer 1 Ethnic religions, such as Judaism, Druze, Yazidi, Yarsan, andseveral others do not seek converts and are not universalizing. Most major religions, such as Christiani

Why is religion so universal in human experience?

From a Christian stand point: The apostle Paul, during his timein Athens, talked about this in Acts 17:24-27. He said that sinceGod is the one who created us, there is an inna
In Judaism

Is Judaism a universalizing religion or an ethnic religion?

Judaism is an ethnic religion, since we don't press people toconvert, and since we have common ancestors (Abraham, Isaac andJacob). The term ethno-religious group is often u