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Is rice in the vegetable or non-vegetable category?

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It is in the "non-vegetable" category. Rice is a grain.
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Can rice be cooked in a vegetable steamer?

I have reheated leftover white rice from a Chinese restaurant in a vegetable steamer basket and it came out wonderful. I've never tried cooking it in one but I'd like to try i

Is rice a fruit or vegetable?

Actually, a grain in the biological world is a dry fruit. So rice is a grain, which is a type of fruit, also called a caryopsis. In the casual sense, if a fruit is not fleshy,

Is rice a vegeteable?

Not a vegetable but a grain.
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Is rice vegetation?

Rice, which is actually a marsh grass, is indeed vegetation, even though the "rice" we eat is a part of the seed of this marsh grass that is grown all over the world.