Is rock and roll contiguous or non-contiguous?

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Contiguous because everyone wanted to play it see it etc it spread all across usa and the world
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What does contiguous mean?

Contiguous means adjacent, or continuous without gaps or interruption. A contiguous line is an unbroken line. A contiguous row of bricks is a row of bricks that have been plac

How do you pronounce contiguous?

Hope you can make sense of my phonetic spelling. Contiguous is pronounced kon-TEE-gyoo-us (Caps = accented syllable; hard g as in get).. con-TIG-you-us. (It's a short i, lik

Difference between contiguous and non contiguous memory?

In contiguous allocation there is no overhead during execution of a program.. In noncontiguous allocation address translation is performed during execution. Contiguous memor

What is contiguous empire?

It means the empire's land is adjacent to one another, meaning they are connected and not separated by water or another empire's territory. In some major empires like the Pers

What is a non contiguous range in Excel?

There is no such thing as a non-contiguous range. A range is a group of cells that are together in a rectangular block. Non-contiguous refers to cells that are not touching. S
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What is a contiguous occurrence?

Contiguous is being adjoined, next to something, or grouped. Occurrence is simply something happening or taking place. A contiguous occurrence is a group of things that happen