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Yes, Salt Lake Bible College is legitimate. It is a free online Bible College. Its offices are located at:

3769 W. 4700 S. in Taylorsville, UT.
Contact: Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk Ph. 801-964-0763

From 2009 to 2017, its student body and alumni total more than 12,000 in 77 different countries and is online in 233 countries worldwide. Active student body, those studying at any one particular time, is around 500 students. Through its online arm as well as its Study Centers in a dozen countries, it graduates an average of over 200 students per year. It is registered with the Utah Education Network (UEN.org) as a private college and has international accreditation through ASIC in the UK as a college of the University of America.

It is an entity of The Foundation for Biblical Studies which is a tax-exempt ministry of Bible Baptist Church in Taylorsville, UT. It is also registered as a non-profit corporation with the state of Utah.
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