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Is seras Victorias name seras or Victoria from the hellsing series?

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her name is Seras.
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What does que sera sera mean?

(Que será, será) Spanish OR (Que sera, sera) French = What will be,will be. It is a common saying meaning "don't worry about future events".Whatever is going to happen w

Does Seras have a crush on Alucard in the original Hellsing anime?

In the original Hellsing anime, it is not said. She obviously cares about him quite a bit, but that could easily be platonic, or perhaps it is natural for a vampire fledgling

Does seras Victoria kiss alucard from hellsing ova?

No not that I know of but she does rub her lower lip on his blood which was running down his lip -The previous answer is wrong. The question is about the Hellsing OVA based

What is the relationship between alucard and seras Victoria in hellsing?

According to the manga and the interviews with the creator Kouta Hirano, theri relationship is "complicated". Seras is more like a human in heart, she serves Hellsing to prote

Is que sera sera latin?

No; que sera sera is Spanish, and means "whatever will be, will be."
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Which series is Seras Victoria a part of?

Sereas Victoria is one of the main characters in the Japanese anime Hellsing. Sereas Victoria is voiced by Fumiko Orikass and originally was a police agent officer and becomes