Is shahrukh khan Sunni or Shea?

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Shahrukh Khan is Sunni by religion. He follows the Islam culture really. Shunni and Shea are 2 kinds of groups in Islam.
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Who is Shahrukh Khan?

He is an Indian Actor and he is one of the top actors and he is also the best the other names for him srk and king khan and these are some of his movies : Don Main Ho Na Om Sh

About shahrukh Khan?

Nick Name: SRK Commonly Known Name: King Khan Date of Birth (Birthday): 2 November, 1965 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 5'9" Eye Color: Black Hair Color:

Who Shahrukh Khan is?

Shah Rukh Khan is an famous bollywood actor. Other names of Shah Rukh are King Khan,SRK.
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Are salman khan and Shahrukh Khan brothers?

No they are not brothers cuzz salman khan has 2 bros and their name are sohail khan the middle bro and arbaaz khan the oldest bro and salman khan the youngest bro.