Is shellfish compost really good for your organic garden?

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The biggest advantage of shellfish compost is in soils infested with root-knot nematodes. Root-knot nematodes attack the roots of tomatoes, peppers, and many other vegetables, forming galls that restrict the uptake of nutrients. Affected plants are stunted, and produce inferior fruit.

Shellfish compost is rich in chitin, which forms the shells of shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. Adding shellfish compost to soil produces a proliferation of chitin-eating bacteria. Once the bacteria have eaten all the chitin from the shellfish compost, they attack the next largest source of chitin--the outer coatings of nematodes.

Shellfish compost only has this effect in warm soil temperatures, when bacteria proliferate freely. It also takes a few months to boost chitin-eating bacteria populations, but over time, nematode populations decline. Southern gardeners with nematode problems, pay attention.
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What is the pH range of organic compost?

A pH range of 6.8-8.3 tends to be what the range will be for organic compost that results from the proper breakdown of properly compostable materials under proper conditions of air, moisture, and temperature. The ideal pH range for most plants is 6.0 to 7.0. It is a good, organic fertilizer of (MORE)

Why compost is a good thing?

Plants love compost, the earth loves compost. It's a controlled decomposition resulting in the most efficient recycling process available for general organic matter. When one keeps the pile aerated, thus the decomposition anaerobic, keeps the pile within a carbon:nitrogen ration of about thirty (MORE)

Why is composting good?

Compost is good for many reasons: - compost is a conditioner for the soil - a fertilizer for the soil - a natual pesticide for the soil in ecosystems it is good for: - erosion control - land and stream reclamation - wetland construction - and as landfill cover composting helps us by supplying nu (MORE)

Why is compost good for plants?

Compost provides a lot of benefits. It adds nutrients andbeneficial microbes, and improves plant growth. It also helpsreduce the need to water your plants because it helps the soil toretain water.

How do you set up a compost bin for your garden?

The bottom of your compost should be in contact with the soil, to encourage worms and microorganisms to invade and help convert the organic matter into valuable humus. You can buy a bin made from recycled plastic from a hardware store. Maybe your local council runs workshops with free bins to par (MORE)

Why do you put compost in your gardens?

Gardeners put compost in gardens, for overall health . Specifically, compost contributes to a healthier environment , by its recycling of compostable materials that otherwise form part of the solid waste stream that goes into landfills . A decrease in the solid waste stream means a decrease (MORE)

Why is composting important to gardeners and particularly to organic gardeners?

Composting is important to gardeners in general, and to organic gardeners in particular. For it conserves resources, protects the environment, and saves money.. As an example, composting reduces the amount of the solid waste stream that goes into landfills. For it uses brown, carbon-rich an (MORE)

What is good compost?

Compost results from the breakdown of compostable materials. That decomposition may be carried out aerobically, or anaerobically. Aerobic decomposition takes place with the help of oxygen. Anaerobic decomposition takes place in the absence of adequate air and oxygen. One of its products is methane, (MORE)

How do you use bananas in the garden as compost?

Compostable materials include kitchen scraps other than dairy, greasey and oily, and meat products; and yard wastes such as grass clippings. Banana peels may be included in the compost pile. The breakdown of the peels, and of the other compostable materials, takes anywhere from just under a month to (MORE)

Is shellfish compost any good?

Yes. the red shellfish mostly though. lobster, crab, shrimp. They provide nutrients and chitin to the soil. Chitin pronounced (Ky-tin) has the unique ability to sequester soil nutrients as it degrades into chitosan. It also presents many benefits to plant health, as we are seeing an increase in (MORE)

Why should you have a compost pile and a garden at your school?

The compost pile recycles the kitchen scraps from the school cafeteria, and the grass clippings and other yard wastes from the school lawn. But some kitchen scraps shouldn't be composted. For it isn't a good idea to put dairy, greasey and oily, and meat products in the compost pile. Such products (MORE)

Is garden party world really good?

Yes, it is super fun you can get tons of stuff and build a tree house and make your person look good! Even if you don't have a membership, sure it makes you have a better game but you can have a great game with no membership! Tons of players don't have memberships but they still have a cool house co (MORE)

What makes a good compost?

The smell , the look , the feel and the content tell you whether or not you have quality compost. If proper procedure is followed, then compostable materials will break down into crumbly, dark brown, fresh smelling, nutrient rich organic material. The breakdown will occur if only compostable (MORE)

Can you compost zeolites and add to organic vegetable garden safely?

No you can not compost it - composting is the breakdown of plant and animal materials (ie organic chemicals). Zeolite is a natural mineral/clay. However you can add it to you compost heap and soil - it is positively beneficial as it hold onto Nitrogen/ammonium, releasing it to plants. Zeolite is com (MORE)

What is a good garden compost?

Dark brown, fresh smelling, nutrient rich organic matter is what is a good garden compost. It's formed by the aerobic breakdown of primarily carbon rich brown materials and nitrogen rich green materials. It's called aerobic, because it takes place in the presence of adequate levels of air, heat, an (MORE)

What is Another name for garden compost?

Another name could also garden compost, with a sustainable garden,which is a way of gardening that keep the entire ecosystem is boundto stay awake. one application of garden compost with good use of the seed atplanting and plant care both of fertilizers and pesticides that donot harm the environment (MORE)

What is a type of gardening that utilizes organic compost for fertilizers?

all plants can with the application of compost as a source ofnutrition, especially combined with the use of biologicalfertilizer, the results can be maximized. The most important should be routine in the care of providingfertilizer, because the nutritional content of compost is verylittle different (MORE)

How much compost should you put in your garden?

At least one inch (2.54 centimeters) a year is the amount ofcompost that should be put in a garden. This will allow nutrientsto be put into the soil. If you are looking to correct physicalproblems, such as bad drainage and poor structure of the soil), addtwice that.

How will compost help your kitchen garden?

Compost adds essential nutrients, helps conserve moisture, improves soil friability and structure. It may also contain helpful invertebrates such as worms and also micro-organisms.

Does tea make good compost?

Yes, used tea leaves makes outstanding compost. Finely broken tea can be mixed in directly to soil, and coarser, large tea leaves can either be used as a coarse leaf mulch, or added to a compost pile or heap where they will quickly break down into nutrient-rich soil. Be cautious, however, when us (MORE)

How is organic compost made?

You just create a pile where you throw old veggie and fruit tops and bottoms, leaves, grass clippings, newspaper, and other organic or plant matter onto the pile. No sycamore leaves, coffee grounds, or meat should be put in the pile. Then turn the pile often and a rich black soil will form in about (MORE)

Is urine good for compost bins?

No, urine isn't very good. Although poop is a useful material in compost pile it's very stinky. -Super Llama edit: Both feces and urine are good in compost. It should be noted that the bacteria found in feces takes a great deal of time to disappear in a compost pile (at least 2 years in warm cl (MORE)

What is good to compost into soil?

The compost is nutritious and gives important minerals and natural fertilizer to the soil. It enriches the soil and helps plants grow better than without compost. Also it's organic unlike fertilizers. -Super Llama

Where in your garden should you put your compost bin?

Put it someplace in full sun. Not under trees (they'll leach the nutrients out of the compost). And someplace convenient, so that you'll be inclined to use it. If you put it on top of grass, it will kill the grass.

When to compost garden?

After the growing season. Place compost on all growing areas, don't worry too much if it hasn't decomposed, the worms will drag it underground over the winter, fertilising and aerating the soil.

How do you judge good compost?

It should be in small particles that are dark, moist, and smell like Earth; and you should not be able to identify what it is made out of.

Why do people add compost to their gardens?

Compost has all of the nutrients (micro as well as macro) plants need to grow and thrive, and no harmful chemicals. Food grown naturally using compost is so much better in every way than chemically fertilized plants that many people prefer it, even if it does take a little more work. To learn how y (MORE)

Is shellfish a good or bad thing in vitamins?

a shellfish is two thinsg oen is a fish that has a shell on its bakc and the other people call then selfish people and the answer is its both because its not a vitamin its a type os vitamin but it isn't at the same time so it matters what kidn it is

Why should you compost organic material?

Budget control, environmental quality, neighborhood sustainability, and resource maximization are reasons why one should compost organic material. Organic material breaks down aerobically and cooperatively with environmental well-being and human health since air is involved, as opposed to the airles (MORE)

Why is compost used in a garden?

Economy, efficiency, recyclability, resourcefulness,sanitation and sustainability are reasons why compost isused in a garden. Specifically, compost gives the gardener dark, fresh, nutrient-richorganic matter that functions as amendment, fertilizer and mulch.It is formed by the natural breakdown of (MORE)

What does not go in garden compost?

Contaminated, diseased, toxic materials as well as dairy, greasy, and oily foods are what do not go into the compost container or heap. Materials which are larger than hand-size or which do not decompose within a year likewise have no place in compost bins or piles.

Where can one buy a garden composter?

Garden composting is a great way to help the environment and enrich ones soil with the compost itself. Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Home Hardware all carry various composters.

Are flies good for compost?

No, flies are not good for compost. The insects in questionindicate that something is awry in terms of the compostingingredients or process and that the shortcoming encourages them tolay eggs to produce more flies.

Why do gardeners put compost on their garden?

The compost rots down and replenishes the soil's nutrients thatgrowing plants use up. The compost also helps to open up the soilparticles, especially useful on heavy clay soils, and encourageworms who will aerate and drain the soil with their burrows.