Is smallpox an active or hidden virus?

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it is an active virus! : )
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Where is the only virus of smallpox kept today?

this was found on this is what it read: Currently, there are only 2 known stocks of Variola (smallpox virus), which are held in Atlanta and in Russia. There is a concern that the smallpox virus might exist elsewhere and be used in a harmful way. There is no documented evidence of this existence outside the secure laboratories. This answer is gay

Where is the last smallpox virus today?

The last smallpox virus is stored in The State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector in Koltsovo, Russia. Troops still guard it at all times. also in usa but u can only get in by contacting the president of the usa and lucas shaw

How does the smallpox virus reproduce?

it does stuff to make baby viruses and then they turn into bigger one and so on and so forth(:

Is the cold a hidden or active virus?

The common cold is in fact an active virus. Once the certain virus has infected a new host it immediately begins multiplying within the cells of the new host.

How are an active virus or hidden virus different?

I think it is different because hidden virus stays inside the cell until the body gets weak, and then it gets active. So they dont show the symptoms like the active virus does. And the active virus will show symptoms once it gets into the body, so we will eat medicines to kill the virus. So for the viruses, it is good to be a hidden virus.

What is a hidden virus?

a hidden virus is were your virus is hidden so you have a virus but you can't see it. so its called a hidden virus.

What is the shape of the smallpox virus?

The shape of smallpox virus is ellipsoid, enveloped in a lipid bilayer membrane picked up from the host.

Is rabies a hidden or active virus?

Rabies is a virus that is hidden. If you get the rabies virus, itcan be a very serious manner. Rabies can affect both animals andhumans.

Is the flu an active virus or hidden virus?

Active. It will go directly to find a host cell and begin the steps of the lytic cycle to cause the host's cell to replicate itself (see the related questions for more about the lytic cycle). It does not stay "dormant" inside you to manifest symptoms later, an infection will produce symptoms right away if you are infected. Then once new viruses are made in the host cell, they will burst out and infect more cells and potentially more people.

What is an active virus?

An "active virus" is when a virus enters a cell and is active, it causes the host cell to make new viruses. This process destroys the host cell. The steps are first, the virus attach's to a host cell. Second, the virus's hereditary material enters the host cell. Third, the virus's hereditary material causes the cell to make viral hereditary material and proteins. Fourth, new viruses from inside the host cell. Fifth, new viruses are released as the host cell bursts open and is destroyed. There are five steps on how a active virus functions inside a cell.

Why has the smallpox virus not been destroyed?

it has not been destroyed so that we can use it for vaccinations for immunity to it.

What is the difference between a hidden virus and a active virus?

A hidden virus is known in the words in its name "HIDDEN virus". It hides and stays inactive. The active virus is also known in its name too "ACTIVE virus". The two viruses have different ways on spreading it own kind throughout the host or hosts.

How does the vaccine that contains cowpox virus prevent smallpox?

the cow pox and smallpox are the same thing. they give the body a tiny bit of the virus and let the body kill it immediately. the body gets so little of the virus that it can easily kill it, then it will become immune. the only thing is the side affects of this vaccine--stomach ache, nausea, pain, headache, and the seldom fate of death. in the early 1970's, the people got rid of most fatal side affects and it is now given to infants. now smallpox (cow pox) is virtually impossible to get the virus.

What does a hidden virus become?

A hidden virus may copy and distribute itself throughout your computer, since most viruses are hidden deep in your computer, it cant do much more than duplicate.

Who does a hidden virus operate?

The virus that causes cold sores in humans is an example of a hidden virus.

Is the Cold virus hidden or active virus?

The cold virus is known to be hidden. This is hidden because a virus like this can hide in your body until whenever you start to become sick with this. * I learned about this in Science like a month ago, (: Justsaying. But it is HIDDEN; NOT active, (: wait wait wait how is it hidden if we get it slowly (the cold). and why is it hidden when both ways you'll still get sick. almost all my teachers say its active but in my life science book it states its hidden. whos right whos wrong arggg :( i really need a correct answer :)

Is giardia a hidden virus?

well, it depends on what you mean by hidden virus... the best answer i can give you is that it is not a hidden virus based on the fact that it is not a virus.. so yeah

Is cancer an active or hidden virus?

Answer \n. \nCancer is not a virus at all. Cancer is a class of diseases where cells proliferate (divide) uncontrollably. Cancer is usually caused by mutations in DNA either from carcinogens, radiation, chemicals, or infectious agents.

Is a cold virus an active or hidden virus?

It is an active virus. Hidden viruses are viruses that don't go into action immediately and hide out for a while in your tissues. Once you are infected with a cold virus, you usually become ill right away and once you are over that bout of the flu, the virus will be gone and not lingering around in hiding to come back with symptoms later. Other viruses that are hidden can lie dormant in your tissues for years.

What is the most dangerous hidden virus?

Well, first they're not any specific dangerous hidden virus because they's all dangerous. But HIV is.

How does a hidden virus multiply?

What it does is it first starts out as a single cell the divides into 2 cell, then 4 cells, then 6 cells and so on.

How does a hidden virus become active?

A hidden virus becomes active when like say if you get sick the virus would become active then because it has a greater chance of tearing down your system .

Is smallpox a virus bacteria or a fungi?

Smallpox is an infectious disease unique to humans, caused by either of two virus variants, Variola major and Variola minor

Is a cold virus an active virus or a hidden virus?

Active. It will go directly to find a host cell and begin the steps of the lytic cycle to cause the host's cell to replicate the virus (see the related questions for more about the lytic cycle). It does not stay "dormant" inside you to manifest symptoms later. An infection will produce symptoms right away if you are infected. Then, once new viruses are made in the host cell, they will burst out and infect more cells and potentially more people.

How do hidden virus multiply?

Each time a host cell divides, the virus's genetic material is copied along with the host's genetic material. Then, under certain conditions, the virus's genetics material suddenly becomes active. It takes over the cell's functions in much the same way that active viruses do. Soon, the cell is full of new viruses and bursts open. . ~I knew this and I am 12 years old~

Is influenza virus a active or hidden virus Explain?

i think its active because there is a way to cure it. Ex swine flu... vaccines are up for grabs all over the place.

Is Lyme disease a active or hidden virus?

Lyme disease can be dormant for years and become an active infection due to high fever, stress or other health problems or conditions. Lyme disease that is active can be treated with antibiotics and become dormant. Lyme can be considered a "hidden" disease due to the fact that it can be in a dormant state for years. For more information about Lyme disease, go to and

How do you delete virus that hidden files?

Download anit-virus software and run a whole computer scan and thiswill find the virus for you and get rid of it.

How are smallpox virus and molluscum contagiosum related?

Both smallpox and molluscum are caused by pox viruses. Smallpox is lifethreatening, while molluscum is benign.

Can virus be destroyed If no how is smallpox no longer existing?

It was contained and eradicated probably through quarantining. It does still exist for defence purposes......A virus only exists within a host, (it needs your dna/rna to multiply), so if it has no hosts, ie all hosts are contained and then when they sadly move on, the virus dies. You cannot kill a virus as it is made of a protein shell which contains DNA or RNA to be specific. If you were to destroy these within a human/animal, you would also destroy the human/animal as your entire body is made up of protein and DNA. Look up human biology and biotechnology sites for a better explanation.

How does a virus become active?

It gets an email. Sorry, usually brought on by stress or change environment or in the presence of a weak immune system.

What is an hidden virus?

hidden virus is that virus which do not harmful for a host and which has no signs and symptoms.

Is an active virus a virus?

Yes. It is called an active virus only because it is a virus that starts multiplying right away.

What is being done with the smallpox virus?

It's Going To Be Used for A Vacsianation , For People That Don't Have An Immunity To It ?

How did the first person who got smallpox get the virus?

The smallpos were created by a mutation of a different virus. So the first person who got smallpox dint really got smallpox but something else.

Is the yellow fever virus a hidden virus?

Yes. You can catch the yellow fever by: 1. getting bitten by a mosquito. 2. getting the Combat worm. The stickman's vomit contains yelllow fever, together mixed with ink. 3.standing in a desert for 9 hours

How do you enable hidden folders created by virus?

have you tried to delete the folder? do you have the virus scanner it will help you tell if it is a Trojan virus. what does the folder have in it? did anyone download any unknown type of file to start the folder? hope i helped you! :)

What are the characteristics of an active virus?

its one of these but dont know which one , you will have to figure it out yourself im sorry: A-multiplies quickly B-has an outer coat made of proteins C-uses its own energy to grow D-destroys its host cell ~Hope it helped

Are Chickenpox an active or hidden virus?

Chicken Pox is the name of the infection caused by the "varicella zoster virus". After this infection seemingly ends, the varicella virus remains in a dormant condition in the nervous system for life. It can get "reactivated" and appear as "shingles/herpes zoster".

How are the aids virus and the smallpox virus different?

The AIDS virus is HIV, a retrovirus. It is part of this family because it requires reverse transcriptase in replication, because it needs to turn its RNA into DNA. It has a diploid genome, and is icosahedron shaped. It is a large virus: 100 diameter. The smallpox virus is a DNA virus, part of the Pox family and Orthopox genus. It is complex shaped and very large: 200. (Other viruses are usually < 100)

Why is cow pox virus used as a vaccine against smallpox?

The cow pox virus is not dangerous to humans (won't make them sick), but it is very similar to the virus that causes small pox (in terms of the types of proteins they have on their surfaces), so when you inject a human with cow pox, their immune system produces antibodies to the virus, but the virus itself doesn't harm the person. If that same person is then infected with small pox, he/she will have antibodies that the immune system made against the cow pox and these will also work against small pox since it's so similar to cow pox, and the human body will be able to quickly eliminate the virus before it can cause damage.

What laboratories still have active smallpox samples?

Officially only two laboratories, one in Russia and one in the United States, have active smallpox samples. With the usefullness of it as a weapon, there is speculation that other countries may have it as well.

Can a computer get a virus if its antivirus is active?

Yes, as unfortunately thousands of new virus are created everyday. Your anti-virus will detect it as soon as it is updated against that particular new virus. This happens quite soon really, as many researchers are involved in the computer anti-virus fight.

Is the cold sore a hidden virus?

Not sure what you mean by hidden but it can lie dormant for long periods of time.

What is the definition of a hidden virus?

when viruses are hidden over a period of time, it doesnt attack a cell directly. Almost as indirectly it waits to the right moment

Is the virus smallpox still active?

World Health Assembly on 8 May 1980 declared that smallpox it is eradicated.However smallpox can be founded in some scientific labs in USA or Russia.

What is the difference between active virus and a hidden virus?

The " hidden " virus is called a provirus and it insets it's genetic material into the genome of the invaded cell so that the cell copies itself many times and copies the virus also. An active virus just invades and hijacks the cell immediately to reproduce the virus. The " hidden " type of virus does come out after a time and acts like a active virus then Google lytic cycle and lysoginy.

Do you think that the cold virus is an active virus or a hidden virus.Explain?

A cold sore is a herpes virus. It is found in the nervous system and can remain hidden or latent. When hidden it is not active. When reactivated the sore becomes seen again. Shingles acts the same way.

Is smallpox is a virus?

Small pox is caused by the Variola virus. Yes. Small pox is caused by either of two virus strains or variants. These are Vaiola Major and Variola Minor.

Is the cold a hidden or active virus and why?

What is called a cold is an active virus. It is because you show symptoms within 12 hours of infection. If it were latent, it would cause a disease for months even years.