Is soccer still played?

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Soccer (better known as football) is extremely popular in most countries of the world.

Who is the tallest soccer player who is still playing soccer?

Answer: The tallest active soccer player in the world is a Goalkeeper from Standard Liege called Kristof van hout at 6ft 10. Although many come close he is the only 6ft 10 pl

Does David Beckham still play soccer?

No , he is awaiting surgery on his Achilles tendon. Article from CNN below is from May 16 2010. Sporting icon David Beckham has vowed to battle back to "full fitness" after
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Can you still play soccer if you have astigmatism?

Short answer: YES Football (soccer) is a game that is dependent on the players being able to see and react to what they see. Astigmatism is a correctable (in most cases) eye