Is Soulja Boy on crack?

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soulja boy is not on crack cuz he is 2 fine and sexy 2 be on crack
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Who is Soulja Boy?

DeAndre Cortez Way (stage name Soulja Boy) is a 21 year old, American rapper. He began his career in 2007, with after he gained popularity on YouTube. The

What is Soulja Boy?

If Your Talking About The Song, It's Called "Crank That" And Soulja Boy Is A Person. And As Dumb As You Are I Know Your Gonna Ask " Is That His Real Name?" His Real Name Is De

Is Soulja Boy a mama boy?

Technically it is against my religion to answer these type of questions.But, it is a scientific fact that indeed Soulja Boy IS a mother's boy.

Who is Soulja Boy with?

Its rumored to be Brooklyn Jade, both are from Chicago. Might just be a rumor though. Well no one knows for sure .
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Do Soulja Boy?

There's an instruction video on how to do the dance on youtube by Soulja Boy himself.
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Does Soulja Boy like boys?

If you mean as friends....yes...if you mean as Boy is not homosexual/gay