Is sublimation printing is same digital printing?

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Yes it uses the same technology
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What are the options for printing digital pictures?

Digital photography makes your print processing easier and cheaper. You can choose your photo paper, which printer type to use or choose an online printing service to print yo

How does digital printing work?

Digital printing "sees' the information in a digital file andtransfers it to a digital printer driver. The driver commands theoutput unit, known as a printer, and output is pe

What is sublimation printing?

Dye Sublimation Transfer is a process where you use an image that has been created digitally either by scanning a photograph or downloading a picture taken with your digit

How do you print pictures from digital cameras?

1. To transfer images from your camera to your computer, power down your camera, connect it to your PC via a USB cable, and turn on your camera. If you are working with a Wind

Are desktop publishing and digital printing same?

Desktop publishing is largely what you do from home using a graphic design package like Microsoft publisher. It is then printed usually onto an inkjet printer. Digital prin

How does Sublimation Printing work?

Sublimation printing uses a pc, epson printer with sublimation ink,sublimation paper and a substrate like t-shirt etc. and a heatpress machine with these components sublimatio

How a dye sublimation printer prints?

Although the printing mechanism appears similar to the thermal wax printer, there are some differences. In a dye sublimation printer, sheets of special paper or transparencies

Which printing process can be categorised as Digital Printing?

Generally when people talk about 'digital printing' it is in opposition of 'offset printing'. This can be confusing since they both begin with a digital source. Offset print

How does a digital camer print pictures?

First, the pictures from the digital camera are transferred to a computer through a card reader or the camera's USB. Then it is printed on photo paper, a special type of paper

How do you produce a sublimation print?

Sublimation printing can be produce using an epson printer that hasa sublimation ink and a sublimation paper to use while printing.This print should be attach on a substrate l

What is the concept of sublimation printing about?

Sublimation refers to a process whereby a material transitions from a solid to gaseous state, bypassing the liquid state. Sublimation printing is a process involving the use o
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What is digital offset printing used for?

Digital offset printing is primarily used for creating printed matter. The most common applications are books, magazines, stationary, brochures, and newspapers.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a process of using digitalor electronic files from computer or other digital storage devicesas a source. Digital printing won't use press plates or setupbe
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Can we print photos on a digital camera?

Absolutely.... All you need is a suitable printer. Many digitalcameras can be connected directly to a dedicated printer, orconnected to a computer. Dedicated printers - will a