Is Taylor Swift a soprano?

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Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter and actress, musician, and actress. She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Swift's influences include her grandmother, who was an opera singer, and LeAnn Rimes. At the age of ten, Sw (MORE)

Are Taylor Swift and Taylor L going out?

no. she was shown on Oprah being interviewed by Jordan. and was asked if she has any boyfriend's her answer was no and why would she ruin her reputation with a silly little lye like that.

About Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift Taylor Allison Swift (born on December 13 1989 aged 20) is an American country pop singer and actress. See the related links below for more details about Taylor Swift.

Does Taylor Lautnergoes out wif Taylor Swift?

No that's what the press wants you to think but they are just friends. yes they went out and she broke up with him and she broke his heart because he loved her she regrets breaking up with him that's why she wrote the song "back to December"

Why are Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dating?

Taylor Launter was very in love with Taylor Swift - but she wasn't in love with him. On his part, it was love. On her part, it was because she was bored and he was convenient. Not very nice of her, but at least she apologized!

What did Taylor Swift do?

SHE is awesome! She is the most awesome person that has ever walked the Earth. She sings. but she also has a Chevy car and dogs

What songs are on Taylor swifts album Taylor swift?

In order: Tim McGraw (Single #1) Picture to Burn (Single #4) Teardrops on My Guitar (Single #2) A Place in This World Cold as You The Outside Tied Together with a Smile Stay Beautiful Should've Said No (Single #5) Mary's Song (Oh My My My) Our Song (Single #3) Deluxe Edition: I'm Only Me When I'm (MORE)

Is Taylor Lautner in love with Taylor Swift?

Taylor loves Taylor lol. Yes many magazines/gossips have said that they have both being hanging out with each other a lot, as in watching movies, etc. Chances are they are going out/have a special relationship. They still are in love and are going to become Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner... this was (MORE)

What are the hidden messages in Taylor Swifts album Taylor Swift?

THE messages Tim McGraw-Cant tell me not Picture To Burn-Date nice boys Teardrops On My Guitar-He will never know A Place In This World-Found it Cold As You-Time to let go The Outside-You are not alone Tied together with a smile- You are loved Stay Beautiful-Shake N Bake Should'v (MORE)

Is Taylor Swift an alto or a soprano?

I like to say she is an alto by default. If you listened to her voice, it is light so you would think either a mezzo or a soprano. However, her technique is so bad, and her voice isn't great either, that her range is very small. If you look at the sheet music of some of her songs, you will see that (MORE)

Is Taylor Swift kin to swift trucking?

The name Swift as used in Swift Transportation is not derived from a person's last name - the CEO and founder of Swift Transportation is Jerry Moyes, who is of no relation to Taylor Swift that I'm aware of.

Is Taylor swift over Taylor Lautner?

no they are bake on they just made a new movie called valentines day it was awesome but they are back on and Taylor is a great actor i wish i could meet him but we can only wish

When did Taylor swifts album Taylor swift come out?

october,24,2006 When did Taylor Swift's album Taylor Swift come out? Taylor Swift's album Taylor Swift, came out on the 15th of March in 2006. She also did a concert in 2006, her album tour was Taylor Swift. I hope this helped you. -TaylorSwift.Fan

Does Taylor Swift like Taylor laughter?

well..... when Taylor and Taylor were making the movie Valentine's Day, they were together. Taylor lautner admitted that Taylor swift was hot, but now Taylor swift has her eyes on someone else.

Has Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift been out?

Yes, they really love each other, but Taylor Swift ended it because she said they didn't have anything in common, and also because she was going on tour while he was working on movies, so it couldn't work out. But Taylor lautner plans to sweep her off her feet.

Was Taylor swift and Taylor Lautner dating?

It was rumored they were but the press said they were dating and there are pics of them kissing but those pictures are most likely from the movie valentines day. I personally think they were dating but then they could be really close friends. hope this helped!in other words no. sorry.

What did Taylor Swift do to Taylor Lautner?

she broke up with him broke his heart because he loved her and she regrets breaking up with him that's why she wrote "back to December" that whole song is about him and her

Why did Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift breakup?

I read somewhere that, to her, she felt he was suffocating her with attention. She broke up with him when he flew in on her 20th birthday to surprise her at her birthday party :( Listen to Back to December too, that song is about him

Are Taylor Lauther Taylor Swift boyfriend?

No,They're over, but they are still really good and close friends, and Taylor Lautner is not dating anyone currently, and neither is Taylor Swift. Both Taylors are single right now.

How can you be Taylor swift?

Well, you can be Taylor Swift if your heart is good and kind, if you write songs, if you know guitar, piano, banjo, ukulele and more instruments she know's and SING! I suggest it would be better if you don't imitate someone be unique and we don't know you will be successful like her! -hope this he (MORE)

What is the subject matter to Taylor Swifts album Taylor Swift?

In her first self-titles album "Taylor Swift", Miss Swift wrote about relationships, breakups, making someone feel better about themselves, friendships, etc. She was 16 when this album came out and there is a lot of high school rememblence throughout this one and "Fearless" She is a truly talented s (MORE)

What songs are on Taylor Swifts deluxe edition Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift (2006): . Tim McGraw . Picture to Burn . Teardrops on My Guitar . A Place in This World . Cold as You . The Outside . Tied Together With a Smile . Stay Beautiful . Should've Said No . Mary's Song (Oh My My My) . Our Song Bonus Tracks: . I'm Only Me When I'm With Y (MORE)