Is teen violence increasing or decreasing?

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I think it is increasing by the look of the news right now....:P
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Does certain genres of music increase violence?

Music Genre and Violence I dont think any one Genra increases violence. It all depends on the person listening to it. Some songs have violent inclinations, but they certainly dont MAKE people be violent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

Should schools offer martial arts classes if they do will that increase or decrease violence on the campuses answer?

I am not into law, but I think that if schools offer classes then the violence will increase. One reason is because a lot of fighters want to be better than their opponent, so there will be an increase in fights. Now, I think if collegs started to offer many different fighting classes, the violence (MORE)

As pCO2 increases does pH increase or decrease?

Decreases, because pCO2 is an acid (carbonic acid gas).. On the cellular level the CO2 diffuses into the red blood cell (from periferal tissue) and is in the combination with H2O forming H + and HCO3 - : CO2 + H2O H2CO3 H + + HCO3 - . The H + cannot diffuse out (bigger concentration cause (MORE)

Does game violence make teens aggressive?

MAIN ANSWER: There is no proof that violence in video games and movies makes children and teens behave violently. However, watching violent scenes does seem to desensitize them to such violence. This means that they see so many violent scenes on the TV, movie screens, and video games that they are (MORE)

When volume increases does density increase or decrease?

Assuming mass does not also increase, then density decreases if volume increases. For example, let's say Mass= 100 and Volume= 50 Density would = 2 Now, lets increase the volume. Mass would still = 100, and let's increase the volume to 75. Density would then equal 1.333... 2 is greater than 1.333... (MORE)

Does movies promote teens violence?

Certainly movies that have gang violence- and sometimes teen-aged crime as an integral part of the plot are no good. the positive nostalgia and old-songs aspect of American Graffiti was spoiled by a subplot of Jaydees running about ( during a concert or ball) and ransacking vending machines- this wa (MORE)

When mass increases does density increase or decrease?

The answer is ambiguous: an increase in mass can come with a density increase or decrease. Mass is how much 'stuff' an object has; density is how much mass there is in a given volume. Without knowing how much (or even whether) volume is added to an object along with its mass, it is impossible t (MORE)

What cause teen violence?

boys being idiots or friends falling out and cant find away of solving the problems or they have usually been bullied in the past or they figuire its away of them and who they are and they have to fight to look hard infront of there friends

As volume increases does the mass increase or decrease?

Neither. Volume is independent of mass. Effectively, if you increase the volume of a substance you are moving the particles that comprise that substance apart. Eventually, you would have a gas which expands to fill the volume of its container.

Why has violence increased?

Violence has increased, in the society of the United States as an example, because of the nature of the government. It has been seen during the 1960s, when the government is violent, the people usually get violent. The increase is today due to things they show on television and television has been r (MORE)

What are reasons for teen violence?

- The longer a child lives in the type of environment that is unsafe and bad influental. - wanting to fit into others so they are not bullied. - teens who are bullied (wanting to revenge). - parent beaten and abused by the other, or sometimes one of the parents may be guilty of beating their teen (MORE)

What is the impact of teen violence?

impact teen violence for one over crowed jails and prisons,the second is when they grow up they can't get a job they always in trouble with the law,--gangs get bigger--increased domestic violence. poor hygiene aids from dirty needles and unprotected sex. eventually in a few generations from now the (MORE)

How can you stop teen violence?

Education! The more kids know about the affects of teen violence, the better choices they can make, or the better they can protect themselves. Having an open forum for your teens to discuss what's going on with them at school or with their friends, the more likely they will confide in you if this is (MORE)

Why do depressed teens resort to violence?

Because where angry,sad,miserable,confused,depressed ALL AT THE same time . we need a realease and if we cant get across our point/how we feel. we get more angry which can result in violence,agresion. . Depressed or teens having any mental disorder are more likely to do violent activities. Even tee (MORE)

What are possible solutions for teen violence?

1. Curfew for all teenagers, except maybe for rural areas. 2. Make home schooling easier. 3. Talk about it in school. Many young girls are in violent relationships. 4. Have places where kids can hang out after school, get homework help, talk, play games etc even in the evenings but where adults (MORE)

Has teen pregnancy increased or decreased?

Sadly teen pregnancy has not decreased at all it is on the rise . it's up by 80% and getting higher ------------------------------------------ Actually, teen pregnancy rates in the United States declined 37% between 1988 and 2005. In 2005 - 2007 there was a marginal increase of 3%. However pro (MORE)

Are video games responsible for teen violence?

Teens actually have a deliberate choice in the matter. However, what images and attitudes a child takes and repeats during play most definitely influences their conscious choices and personality development. . In that aspect, yes, they are definitely responsible for much violent behavior in teens.

Does gun control decrease violence and crime?

Generally no, because criminals do not obey the law and would continue to carry weapons around even when other people are not. The exception comes with weapons such as machine guns and semi-automatic assault rifles, which no law-abiding person in their right mind need anyway, and also preventing peo (MORE)

Does acceleration increase or decrease when force increase?

Well, let's see . . . Let's assume that acceleration IN creases when force DE creases, and we'll check out this assumption. If acceleration changes opposite to the change in force, then the less you push on something, the more it accelerates, until you don't push on it at all, and then its accel (MORE)

What are the main causes of teen violence?

The main causes of "Teen Violence" Is problems at home, drugs and many times because one of the people involved has been holding a grudge, And they dont have any other way to let it out.

What is domestic teen dating violence?

Short and simple it is where two people are in a relationship and one will abuse the other this can be metal putdowns or physical abuse. There are some who do things like that and say they are sorry and the process continues, if that is what it is like do not let it continue it will get worse, seek (MORE)

What cuases speed to increase and decrease?

To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed. To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed. To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed. To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.

Will the ozone layer increase or decrease?

Decrease, because of all the chemicals we make. But people are working on not having more of the ozone layer disappear, although what of it is lost we cant get back.

Does the temerature increase or decrease with altitude?

As altitude increases, temperature decreases, hence why it often snows on mountains. This is due to the Greenhouse Effect, because rays from the sun reflect off the ground and travel upwards. Therefore, the sun most directly hits at sea level. Since the air is more dense at lower altitudes it more e (MORE)

Is the bilby's population increasing or decreasing?

As of 2013, the bilby's population is in decline. There is only one species of the original two remaining, the Greater bilby, and it is endangered by factors such as habitat loss, competition from introduced species and predation from introduced species. Although bilbies are kept in protective capti (MORE)

What can be done to prevent teen violence?

when someone is first mean to you the first time stand up and show your tough because if you let it go they will come back with more people and thats when teens comit suicide or get killed this is a very sad and delicate case because its surprising how humans younger than 18 team up to end or as u s (MORE)

What is increasing and what is decreasing?

To increase something means to make it bigger, and to decreasesomething means to make it smaller. These are used often withnumerical values (numbers), e.g. I increased (made bigger) 20 to30. Here I am increasing by 10, etc.

Does solubility increase or decrease if temperature increases?

As the temperature increases: . The solubility of a solid in a liquid increases . The solubility of a liquid in a liquid increases . The solubility of a gas in a liquid decreases (The solubility of liquids and solids increase as temperature increases, while the solubility of gases decreases (MORE)

What is causing teen violence?

Teen's are being beaten by parent's or siblings. This causes the child to think its ok, and gives them anger to vent. This causes the child to hurt someone else.

What do you think contributes to violence among teens? . The main cause is a combination of suppressed anger from being hurt, inability to deal with or understand new emotional issues and peer pressure.

How does video games increase violence?

The original answer is not quite correct. >> When children begin playing video games, they start to learn about violence, >> and eventually they develop the idea that killing their opponent is "winning". >> Also, whenever someone dies in a video game they usually "respawn" after a >> short amount (MORE)

What can prevent teen violence?

The greatest single factor that helps to prevent teen violence is a healthy family situation, in which parents raise their children well, so that they appreciate the value of civilized and non-violent means of dealing with other people. Good schools are also a useful influence in the effort to produ (MORE)

What causes teen violence in your society?

no prayer or ten commandments in school Answer Teens are individuals who are allowed to make choices: just as you cannot protect them from everything, you have to count on them to make good choices in life--and the freedom to do so. It is always the nature vs nurture theory as to why some peopl (MORE)