Is teenage pregnancy a problem in the US?

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If you were to read the many questions concerning teenage pregnancies on this site, it would boggle your mind. I'd say it's a big problem in the States and not only teenagers having babies, but un-protected sex as well. What they are thinking is beyond me with Aids running rampant in todays society, it's a wonder half of these girls aren't infected with some sort of Sexually Transmitted Disease.
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How does teenage pregnancy affect education?

The time needed to dedicate toward personal healthcare and childcare after the baby is born makes it hard to dedicate enough time to your studies. Answer:: Umm you would miss a lot of school, You will have a lot of problems doing school work and studying because you will be busy taking care of (MORE)

What options do you have for teenage pregnancy?

Answer . If you are lucky your parents will want you to keep the baby and perhaps your mother can help you out.. You get married to the father of the baby (only if you are in love and of age.). Adoption. There are many wonderful young couples out there that can't have children and would give y (MORE)

What is Teenage Pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy can be a serious social issue. By definition it is when a single teenager becomes pregnant. Mere age is not the main challenge, since it was once not uncommon for people to marry in their teens and begin their families. However, in today's society it is very difficult to survive ec (MORE)

What are problems of teenagers?

Peer Pressure problems. Dating problems. School problems. Friends and Social status problems. Self identity, sexuality, school stress, broken family, pressure, alcohol and drug experimentation, smoking, self harm, confusion, emotional issues, self- confidence. Parents, teachers, employers, other (MORE)

How does teenage pregnancy affect society?

1. It indirectly affects every Tax payer. 2. Studies show that children born to teenagers are also at greater risk of neglect and abuse, do worse in school, and are less likely to receive adequate health care than children born to women over 20.

Where did teenage pregnancy originate?

The big problem of teenage pregnancies came in following the hippie and the drug age, as girls thought that sex would be a easy way to make money for their drug needs.

What is the percent of teenage pregnancy?

•Nearly half (46%) of all 15-19-year-olds in the United States have had sex at least once.[ 1 ] •By age 15, only 13% of never-married teens have ever had sex. However, by the time they reach age 19, seven in 10 never-married teens have engaged in sexual intercourse.[ 1 ] •Most young p (MORE)

How does pregnancy affect the potential of teenage pregnancy?

for a teenager to get pregnant is bad because most of the time the girl is not responsible enough to take care of the child, and was not responsible enough to make that kind of decision in the first place. if she didnt plan it, she shouldn't have spread her legs for him.whether protected or not ther (MORE)

Why does teenage pregnancy lead to violence?

Not violence for the pregnant person but there is a increased riskher child ends up in some kind of criminal activity as a teenbecause there is often no father around. Couples who have a teenpregnancy has about a 4% chance of remaining together. If she alsodoes not get a good job or education she mi (MORE)

How do you stop teenage pregnancy?

by using a condom,or oftenly taking birth control... by using a condom,or oftenly taking birth control... There are more ways to protect ur self from getting pregnant. DON'T DO IT!!!!! But if u do use protection and or get on birth control!!! P.S. It's FREE

How many teenage pregnancies occurr each year in the US during 2003-2007?

no one really Knows . It is probably quite alot but it shouldn't be. Any one under the age of 18 SHOULDNT have a baby because it can cause problems for them. Remember teenage mums . People just want to help. xxx no one really Knows . It is probably quite alot but it shouldn't be. Any one under the a (MORE)

What are the physical problems during a teenage pregnancy?

Some risks during teenage pregnancy are poor nutrition (which can cause the baby to have a low birth weight), high blood pressure, and premature labor. For further information on these risks, visit To prevent or treat complications, pregna (MORE)

Why might using a tampon during pregnancy be a problem?

There is no reason why using a tampon during pregnancy would be a problem. Pregnancy usually comes with a lack of periods, though, so tampons aren't needed. If you're pregnant and bleeding, you need to consult with your prenatal care provider right away.

How does pregnancy affect the finances of teenage pregnancy?

Finances are affected by the person who is paying for the pregnancy. The teen father of the baby may have to quit school and get a full time job to support the baby. If the teen has no money then it will affect the parents, who may have to take the mother and baby into their home and pay all the exp (MORE)

What are the problems for teenagers?

Bullies, work, money, school, pressure at home and by peers, relationships, drama, expectations, just to name the major ones( drugs happen a lot due to pain and pressure)

What is the problem of the teenager?

The problem with teenagers are they get more peer pressured into many things which makes them go through many different stages and they go through many emotional and physical changes now in their lives.

What are problems of teenage pregnancy?

So your wondering what the future is going to be like? It's going to be a living hell, most mother's don't get to go to college, proms, etc. And most mother's don't have the baby's daddy to have their back because it's overwhelming. Also there could be problems with the pregnancy's process and labor (MORE)

How can teenage pregnancy affect us teenagers?

Teenage pregnancy affects their lives because they possibly may nit be able to finish high school & the statistics of teenage mothers / parents attending college & finishing it is very unlikely. Not only will it affect their education but also their child's life. Many children who are born to teenag (MORE)

What can be done to prevent teenage pregnancy?

Sex education has to be mandatory and a program should be set together by Gynos and such for all states to use to make sure all students learn everything and nothing is skipped. Parents need to talk to their kids more and stop lying to themselves about their child saving themselves until marriage (MORE)

Ways on how to prevent teenage pregnancy?

Mandatory sex education - no more teaching abstinence because there's proof it does not work. Not having sex has always been a choice but there's still only 10% that waits until marriage (numbers the same since the 1940's when they started documenting). Birth control for everyone who wants it. (MORE)

Why should you be concerned about teenage pregnancy?

it could ruin not only the mothers and fathers life but the baby's life to because the parents may not have enough money to support the child's life and provide the care that the child needs. you wouldn't have a job because your taking care of your child.

What is the reason for teenage pregnancy?

Roughly 1 in 11 US girls become pregnant. This is because most ofdon't use contraception. Maybe this is because they aren't educatedon sex, or maybe they are afraid, or maybe they are so selfabsorbed they don't think they will get pregnant.

Reasons for teenage pregnancy?

They have sex and sperm is enjeculated into their vagina. They then get pregnant coz they are dirty little girls and did not say 'no' and probably didnt use protection. Or they did and it broke.

How does teenage pregnancy affect your life?

while being a teen and still in school you miss school and to many days out you will get expelled and then you need a job to support the baby. The father of the child might leave you so you will have to raise the kid single handed and your parents might not approve.

How can teenage pregnancy can be a lot of work?

Well, do you mean before or after the baby is born? Really, the only few reasons BEFORE the baby is born is that you can't participate in your favorite activities anymore, and your clothes don't fit. But the real challenge is AFTER the baby is born. If you are a teen, you are most likely still in hi (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantage of teenage pregnancy?

There are no advantages to teenage pregnancy which lie in the realm of greater cultural agreement. To gauge the disadvantages we must illustrate the parties involved. The teen father and mother are considered the direct party. Anyone else who comes into some form of contact or obligement to the chi (MORE)

Is teenage pregnancy cool?

Def not! It's not cool that 60% drop out of school, live on welfare, lose their friends, miss out on their teenage years, most of those kids grow up without their dad etc.

What are risks Teenage pregnancy?

There are several risks to teenage pregnancy. Here are a few: . H.I.V. and many other deadly/potentially deadly STD's that can be passed to your children. . Higher risk of miscarriage due to the young age of teenagers. . More risk to the mother's body, especially the younger the mother is.

Why is teen pregnancy a problem in the us?

Teen pregnancy can be a problem in the U.S. Because it can prevent the teens moms from going and finishing their school work. If they do not have a good education then when they grow up and try to look for a good paying job they are not going to be able to find one , so that increases the unemployme (MORE)

Can a teenager die from pregnancy?

Just like a woman can die after birth, yes. Pregnancy itself will not kill you, more likely if you don't treat the conditions that can follow. Like diabetes for instance.

Is teenage pregnancy the teenagers fault?

not always. Sadly,, the teenager could have been raped, and therefore have no control over her getting pregnant. The teenager may be sexually active and not have planned for a baby- which is more common. However, there are many teenagers who plan to become pregnant, and will do whatever it takes t (MORE)

How do you reduce teenagers pregnancy?

Proper sex education (not abstinence), getting the kids to talk to their parents more and the parents to accept that their child might be having sex and then provide protection just in case. There's a myth that just because you have the protection you will do it, no one functions that way. It would (MORE)

What are the health problem in teenage pregnancy?

A. Your body will go through a series of changes: hormones, missed or lightly spotted periods, hurting of the breasts, morning sickness etc. B. Your whole life will change from mental health to physical health. Since your body and mind is not fully developed yet pregnancy may cause lack of parenta (MORE)

How does pregnancy affect the education of teenage pregnancy?

60% drop out of high school and less than 2% have a college degree by the time they are 30. Doing homework with a baby that need attention is not possible. You have to have someone watching them. Not getting to sleep is another thing that makes it hard to concentrate in school and at home.

How do teenage pregnancies ruin a relationship?

They may be teased quite a bit at school; the boy may have liked her for looks, and now she looks fat (no offense, if this is a personal question!); or her parents might look down on it. -Low income, lots of expenses. Kids don't come cheap - 'grass is greener' while your friends are out turning 21 (MORE)

How a family can deal with the problem of teenage pregnancy?

Prevention: keep an open dialog with your child and help them with birth control when that time comes. Support them so they are strong enough to say no if they don't want to. Get to know their boyfriend/girlfriend. Make sure they understand how their life would be if they did become parents, especi (MORE)

Why does the US Have a much higher teenage pregnancy rate than in Europe?

There is a lot of speculation about this, and the reason is probably multifactorial. One reason is likely the difference in availability of contraception - in Europe condoms are widely available for teenagers to get and use and birth control pills are available without a parent's permission in many (MORE)