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I think we have to see both the phases of the cin.
or putting this in a way" putting your leg in others shoe give you better understanding of the situation" whetther customer is right or wrong. we have to understand that in a industy where we are dealing with the end user their is no room of right or wrong what matters is the conditions and the constrains where this interactiontakes place as so.

Puneet Mehra

Below is others openion i think this give us a new dimension

No. While it is important to treat your customers as you would want to be treated (go above and beyond, appreciate their business and give them the most positive experience possible)there are occasions when a customer will demand more than what you are able or reasonably willing to offer. Individuals with a false sense of entitlement, mental illness or a lack of patience or good judgment will often try to intimidate or coerce their way into receiving what cannot reasonably be given. Giving in to intimidating strategies like; shouting, ranting, or tantrums only reinforce this antisocial behavior. When one encounters a customer who demands the impossible, it is best to verbally disarm them and defuse their anger...there are many books written on how to accomplish this. Not necessarily, however the customer is always the customer. Which for me means you often have to go that "extra mile".   I have learned that when the customer is NOT right, he will be wrong in a way that benefits him.
charlottethesmartie: This is one of those opinionated questions, if you do belive that the customer is right, you go with your senses and vice versa. Most times I'm the customer so i usually belive in that saying, this is also one of those sayings too, if you don't belive in it, don't and vice versa vice versa...
Not necessarily. So customers just are ridiculous. But generally, most places of business do want to have satisfied customers. It is those obnoxious individuals that take advantage of the situation that have ruined this 'across the board' policy in most establishments. Some would take them to the cleaners over minor incidents or accidents. i.e. Remember the hot coffee burns when the lady put the cup between her legs and then sued? HELLO???

Depends on your industry. Generally service related companies that live on their reputation have management philosophies of the customer always being right to avoid any bad press. One unhappy customer could lead to hundreds of other potential customers getting turned away.

If you are in an industry that makes manufactured goods and you are farther away from the personal selling process then you are looking to make the majority of customers happy. Take apple computers for example they don't make everyone happy.
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What do you feel about the term 'customer is always right?

Answer . \nHow would you best handle a very demanding customer?. Answer . Arguing with a customer never solves anything. If you refuse to treat the customer properly,

What do you feel about the term 'customer is always right'?

"Customer is always right" is one of the idea employed by some of the company in the market. There is nothing right or wrong about the idea. It was based on the intention to f

Why is the customer always right?

Because they are paying for a service and they expect to get what they pay for. Answer I might also add, you are creating good will. You do not want customers leaving yo

Do you believe that the customer is always right why and why not?

no, a customer is not always right because some of the logical things customers say and do ain't appreciable and are somehow on overall unacceptable. some customers can be foo

About the saying -customers is always right?

This comment was attributed to Harry Gorgon Selfridge, the retail magnate. Founder of one of the most successful stores in the world. This comment therefore carries with it a

Are customers always right?

everyone says it, but no, the customer is not always right, but you should pretend that they are, because arguing with a customer can bring down the restaurant's reputation.

The customer is always right what does it mean to you?

Literally, the Customer is often times wrong. However, we need to approach Customer complaints not as a battle between us being right and the Customer being wrong as that's a