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Is the 911 Twenty Dollar Silver Certificate from National Collectors Mint Really worth anything?

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No. This is the not the first time this company has tried to profit off the 9/11 tragedy. They were shut down by Eliot Spitzer the first time, and I understand there is an investigation underway over this latest effort. They claim they are selling it for "face value," but there is no "face value." It is not legal tender, and it is very likely a scam.
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1957 Silver certificate bills worth anything?

  $ 1 silver certificates typically sell for 1.25 to 4 dollars

How much is the 1894 silver dollar worth with no mint mark?

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Is a 1976 silver dollar worth anything?

Unless it has an "S" mintmark or is in official mint packaging, it is only worth face value.

What is a National Collectors Mint coin worth?

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Are US 1 dollar silver certificates worth anything?

In circulation they're always worth the face value of the bill. As  for the collector value, in very good condition (not a grading  phrase) they will usually be worth $3-$4