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Is the 9 11 twenty dollar silver certificate a good buy?

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The U.S. has not printed any $20 silver certificates since 1891. What you are describing sounds like a private issue. VERY few of these items ever end up being worth as much as they originally cost - there's usually little or no aftermarket demand for them.
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Who will buy your silver certificate?

  The easiest way is to take it to a coin or antiques dealer. However, whether you can sell it depends on its denomination, date, series letter, and condition. If it's a (MORE)

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What is a 1 dollar silver certificate?

Silver certificates were bills backed 1-for-1 by silver metal on deposit in the US Treasury. They could only be printed in quantities equal to the total amount of silver in th (MORE)

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Why were silver certificate dollars made?

Until the mid-1960s silver certificates were backed with silver on deposit in the US Treasury. Only as many dollars worth of silver certificates could be issued as there was s (MORE)

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What is the value of dollar silver certificates?

The FACE value of these bills is $1 but their collector value  varies considerably. For example, circulated 1957 / 57A / 57B  silver certificates and some later-series 1935 (MORE)

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What is a silver certificate 1 dollar bill?

Silver certificates were bills issued directly by the US government rather than by the Federal Reserve System. They were backed 1-for-1 with a dollar's worth of silver on depo (MORE)

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How much is twenty shekels of silver in US dollars?

A shekel is a unit of weight, so the value of 20 shekels in US dollars would fluctuate with the current trading value of silver. One shekel is approximately 2/5 of an ounce or (MORE)

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Who is on the US 2 dollar silver certificate?

US $2 silver certificates were last printed in the 19th century.    1886 series: a portrait of General Winfield Scott Hancock  1891 series: Treasury Secretary William W (MORE)