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The U.S. has not printed any $20 silver certificates since 1891. What you are describing sounds like a private issue. VERY few of these items ever end up being worth as much as they originally cost - there's usually little or no aftermarket demand for them.
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Who will buy your silver certificate?

  The easiest way is to take it to a coin or antiques dealer. However, whether you can sell it depends on its denomination, date, series letter, and condition. If it's a

What is special about a silver certificate dollar bill?

Assuming the series date is 1935 or 1957, not much is special except that the bill represents a form of currency no longer issued by the Treasury. Nearly all of them have blue

What is a 1 dollar silver certificate?

Silver certificates were bills backed 1-for-1 by silver metal on deposit in the US Treasury. They could only be printed in quantities equal to the total amount of silver in th

What is a silver certificate 1 dollar bill?

Silver certificates were bills issued directly by the US government rather than by the Federal Reserve System. They were backed 1-for-1 with a dollar's worth of silver on depo

Why were silver certificate dollars made?

Until the mid-1960s silver certificates were backed with silver on deposit in the US Treasury. Only as many dollars worth of silver certificates could be issued as there was s

What is the value of dollar silver certificates?

The FACE value of these bills is $1 but their collector value  varies considerably. For example, circulated 1957 / 57A / 57B  silver certificates and some later-series 1935

How much is twenty shekels of silver in US dollars?

A shekel is a unit of weight, so the value of 20 shekels in US dollars would fluctuate with the current trading value of silver. One shekel is approximately 2/5 of an ounce or

Is the 911 Twenty Dollar Silver Certificate from National Collectors Mint Really worth anything?

  No. This is the not the first time this company has tried to profit off the 9/11 tragedy. They were shut down by Eliot Spitzer the first time, and I understand there is

How much is a 1776 silver twenty dollar coin worth?

No such coin exists for a few reasons. Number 1, all US coin denominations (that were intended for circulation) greater than $1 are in gold. A silver $20 coin would be huge,

What is a silver certificate dollar bill?

Up to 1964 you could get a silver dollar for it   More Silver certificates were printed from the Civil War till the mid-1960s, although the last ones were dated 1957. Eac

What do you do with a one dollar silver certificate bill?

It depends on its date, series letter, and condition. A 1957, 57-A, or 57-B bill is so common that you'd be lucky to get more than 25¢ or 50¢ extra if you sold it to a deale

WHAT IS VALUE OF 1928 Twenty Dollar GOLD Certificate?

  The 1928 Series Gold Certificates are valued at $85 in fine condition, $100 in very fine condition, $150 in excellent condition, $450 in uncirculated condition. Grades a

Who is on the US 2 dollar silver certificate?

US $2 silver certificates were last printed in the 19th century.    1886 series: a portrait of General Winfield Scott Hancock  1891 series: Treasury Secretary William W

Is there a 1 million dollar silver certificate?

There has never been a genuine US $1M bill. Many novelty companies  sell fake $1 million bills. They cost a couple of dollars and are  used as joke items.    The US o