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Is the 9 11 twenty dollar silver certificate a good buy?

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The U.S. has not printed any $20 silver certificates since 1891. What you are describing sounds like a private issue. VERY few of these items ever end up being worth as much as they originally cost - there's usually little or no aftermarket demand for them.
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What is the value of a dollar silver certificate?

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Value of 1934 twenty dollar silver certificate?

Answer . The U.S. did not issue silver certificates with that denomination in 1934. For values of 1934 Federal Reserve Notes visit:. http://www.uscurrencyauctions.com/$20n

What years did the US Treasury make twenty dollar silver certificates?

$20 SCs were printed with the following dates: 1878, 1880, 1886, and 1891. Different seal colors and layouts were used within those series. The US discontinued denomination

Can I buy a 5 dollar silver certificate?

They're no longer available from banks as ordinary currency, butyou should have no trouble purchasing one from a collector ordealer. Bills from the 1934 and 1953 series were p

What is a silver certificate dollar bill?

Up to 1964 you could get a silver dollar for it More Silver certificates were printed from the Civil War till the mid-1960s, although the last ones were dated 1957. Each