Is the AIDS problem a black or white problem?

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AIDS does not discriminate on grounds of skin colour. AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, which can be transmitted to anyone through anal/vaginal sex, blood transfusions and needle-sharing. It can also transmit to babies through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.However, there are two types of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is a global disease and affects any of the above, whereas HIV-2 only affects a small part of Africa, but anyone is still prone to this virus if they came into contact with it.There are a large amount of black people who are infected with HIV (or have AIDS) because they are often from countries where there are little opportunities for sex education and family planning, so they are ignorant of how the virus is transmitted. They are certainly not the entire scope of cases, as gay men and IV drug users are also at high risk of contracting the virus depending on their behavior. Even so, HIV can affect anyone: man, woman, child, gay, straight, black, white, rich or poor.If you are describing AIDS in terms of the eventual disease which affects the majority of people with HIV eventually, then AIDS is a much bigger problem in countries which are not as rich as the developed world, and cannot afford the drugs which halt the HIV viruses progression into AIDS. As many of these countries have a large black population, then you could see AIDS as a problem for black people, but this is only because of the lack of drugs, and not because HIV is more likely to progress to AIDS in black people.
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