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Is the Delhi Board of Higher Education recognized?

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All that can be found on their website is this statement: "We are an autonomous educational organisation and have no any concern with any similar named organisation / website." No claims of it being recognized could be found.
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What is the board of delhi public school faridabad?

    The Chairman of DPS Society Mr. Ashok Chandra sits at F Block, East of Kailash, New Delhi. Currently Chairman of DPS Faridabad Management Committee is a 85+ year o

Is Delhi academic council of higher education recognized?

Yes, the board is certainly recognized. In fact, I had my certificate assessed by the Victorian Curriculum Assessing Authority, Australia, and it was deemed to be a recognize

What does board v board of education mean?

It's not Board v, it's Brown v. Board of Education. During the civil rights movement, civil right leaders decided to integrate whites and blacks in school and the Brown man se

List of subjects tamilnadu state board higher secondary education?

Accountancy / Anthropology / Biology / Botony / Business Mathematics / Business Studies / Chemistry / Communicative English / Computer Application / Computer Science / Economi

About delhi academic council for higher education?

Yes Delhi academy for Seconday Education higher secondary education is good and very excellent for the candidates who requires to continue their studies without break and ful

Bhse delhi board is it a fake board?

Dear, Bhse delhi board is valid in all over india... I have done 12th from delhi board and now I am doing BBA from jammu univ.

Who is the education minister of Delhi?

Arvinder Singh Lovely  Minister for  Education (excluding Higher Education and Training & Technical  Education), Tourism, Languages   Gurudwara election & Gurudwara Adm