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Is the Nokia C3 an Android phone?

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Is the Nokia n97 an Android phone?

no, unfortunately not, it runs off of Symbian OS v9.4, and if you ask me its only a disappointment. Because lets be honest, Nokia is yet to make a "classic" phone in all the y

Can you download What is app in Nokia c3?

Yes you can download Whatsapp to your Nokia C3. Go to the Apps menu, enter extras, press games icon, will show Nokia Mobi (if you have downloaded this search engine - standard

What is the restriction code for a nokia c3?

It is the same thing as the Subsidy Unlock Code or the SIM Unlock Code, Nokia just uses a different name for it. All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI an

Is the nokia C2-03 phone a android smartphone?

No. The Nokia C2-03 is a feature phone and does not run on the  android OS.

Is the Nokia Lumia 920 an Android phone?

No. Despite the lumia 920 being a smartphone, it runs on the  Windows Phone OS and not the Android OS.

Is Nokia C3 3G enabled?

yeerrp it def is i gott it da other day and i usially get horrible reception but i is 3g aND WORKS PERFECTly for me

Is Nokia c3 a smartphone?

THIS IS A SMARTPHONE! AT&T states which ever phone is able to be compared to a blackberry or has an appstore with 2g, and wifi capability is a smartphone.

Why nokia doesn't manufacture android mobile phones?

ceo of nokia asked google to provide something different to them and all the other companies are using android so what's the different between nokia and other companies and go

How do you format nokia c3-00 phone memory?

Type *#7370# and you will get the original soft from the ram memory Remember. the phone must be fully charged; if not you should recharge before doing that, With low battery