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Is the Panasonic Lumix Zs series cameras good?

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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3′s larger surface area and semi cylindrical grip makes the camera handy and easy to use. The camera also comes with - a four way controller, a couple of dedicated buttons, and the new video button - within easy reach of thumb so that you get better and brighter capture at every attempt. The camera's large lenses are also extended for better clarity and well balanced videos.Thus in case you enjoy digital imaging, Panasonic DMC ZS5 can be ideal gadget for you which will make your photography experience simpler, fun and enjoyable activity. So, don't hesitate as Panasonic DMC ZS3 can be the safe best for your bucks.
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Best setting for Panasonic lumix fz18?

  Set noise reduction to -2 and set maximum ISO to 200. Set imag quality to the JPEG maximum. Make sure image stabilisation is enabled. This will give you crisp low noise

What features does a Lumix camera have?

The most impressive feature is the lense, which opens up to F/1.4, which is very high for a point and shoot camera. Other features include 720p video, 308x optical zoom, burst