Is the US going to war with north Korea?

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Such a war hasn't been announced yet, as of morning on April 12, 2013.
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Why did the US go to war with Korea?

The Korean war happened because of what is called containment.After WWII The U.S. and the Soviet Union were world powers thatdidn'd like each other at all. Communism, the gove

Why did the US go to war with north korea?

Because of the Truman doctrine the U.S. said they would not allow communism to spread any farther than it already had. They had already let China go under communist rule, so t

Is North Korea going to nuke us?

\n \n\n \n\n \nBy us do you mean United States? If so probably not, since they cant reach us. If any one they would nuke Japan or South Korea, they would be dumb to nuke China

Will North Korea go to war with the US?

Depends. If Kim Jong feels threaten about America, or his "paranoia" kicksin, we will. But, Europe might get involved, and maybe some other countries willtoo. Which means WWII

Is north Korea going tobomb the US?

Yes, in the year 2013 they will have enough uranium to start a nuclear war. Other continents such as Australia and Europe will be attacked too.

Will America go to war with North Korea?

Only if we have to.... north korea continues to make threats to the united states but they haven't done anything. We would also go to war with them if they went to war with
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What will happen if South Korea and North Korea go to war?

They have never stopped being at war, the Korean War was neverofficially ended. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Are North Korea going to bomb US?

Threats have been made on many occasions over the years without any action being taken. However many people believe in the year 2013, they will have enough uranium to start a
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Will the US war with North Korea?

Probably not; the US isn't interested in fighting wars in Asia anymore. At least that part of Asia. Asia may or not be allies. You never know. China could side with North K