Is the band impending doom christian?

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There are actually two different bands by the name of Impending Doom. One of them which has a label under Christian music.

The newer Impending Doom band which formed in California in 2005 is a Christian band.

The other Impending Doom band which formed in Germany in 1993 and split-up in 2001 is a not a Christian band. Alot of their lyrics even the titles reflect something sinister/ satanic themes and imagery. Some examples are: Scornful Chalice/Luciferian Curse (2001), Signum Of Hate (1998), Beyond The Altar Of Obscurity - A Decade Of Blasphemy (2003), and Pagan Fires/Messias Abaddon (1997), etc.

Now, there is a lot of controversy about the supposed song "Age of Antichrist", but that song was written and sung by the German "Impending Doom".

The albums of the American band, Impending Doom are:

The Sin and Doom of Godless Men (Self-released EP, 2005)
Nailed. Dead. Risen. (2007)
The Serpent Servant (2009)
There Will Be Violence (2010)
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Who is the Native American doom metal band war water?

War Water was the first Native American Doom Metal band to sing in a Native American language. Brothers Josh and Joseph Woodruff are descended from the Colbert/Love Chickasaw Family. 85% of the bands vocals are in Chickasaw.

Does impending doom believe in God?

Impending doom doesn't sound like it is alive. God gives us all choices to do what we want and it is up to us to do the right thing. If we don't, impending doom will strike. Impending doom is more of a cause and effect between us and God.

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Not specifically. There are many references to Christian theology in the music, but without a very Christian ideology, although Ville Valo espouses a theistic view on things.

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Some of the more notable ones would be Deicide, Morbid Angel, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Mayhem, Emperor, VON, Veles, Graveland. But the first published album dedicated exclusively to the occult wasn't a Metal band - it was an Acid Rock band called Coven who released an album called Witchcraft De (MORE)

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I think they're the opposite. In 'I Hear Voices' they are explicitly satanic.. Then again in an interview the band says they pray and ask God for help so I'm not too sure

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