Is the bladder the same thing as the gallbladder?

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No they aren't.

A bladder is where urine is stored. A gall bladder helps with processing fats.

Gall bladders can develop gallstones, which are deposits - and are extremely painful. A gallbladder attack describes the pain the deposits can incur.

A gallbladder can be removed without any real adverse lifestyle changes; however, a bladder cannot.
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Is kidney and bladder the same?

no they are not the same although they both belong to the urinary system. the kidneys are filtering units that remove unwanted waste, minerals, and excess water from the blood
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Is a bladder and gallbladder the same thing?

The urinary bladder holds the urine that is pulled from the blood by the kidneys, while the gallbladder holds bile from the liver and releases it into the digestive system to

Is a crop and a gallbladder the same thing?

No, a crop is something found in birds, It is a storage area forfood. It sits in the crop before going to the stomach. Agallbladder is used to store bile that is produced by t