Is the body tag required for all HTML documents?

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Technically it should be included, but many browsers assume its existence if it isn't there. (if i recall correctly)

If you want to stay compliant with the W3C specifications, however, you must have a body tag. It must be the only body tag in the page, it must be a direct child of the HTML tag, and it must be preceded by 1 and only 1 HEAD tag.
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What HTML tag element surrounds all the other tags in the document?

The HTML tag surrounds all others: The BODY tag surrounds all of the content tags: . Note: Right-click a page in your browser & choose View Source. Then look at the top and bottom of the text to see how these play out. Exception to the rule: There is sometimes a !DOCTYPE tag that appears b (MORE)

What is an HTML tag?

when you are making a web page you make a HTML tag so when you convert it to a web browser it isn't just blank. it is a piece of the code that your browser decodes into the page you see. this is an HTML tag and it tells the browser that this is an HTML page. for everything you see on a web page (MORE)

What are the minimum requirements for an HTML tag?

A basic HTML tag shoould in clude a start and end tag for example to make text you have 2 tags text goes here the slassh means end tag. that is if you have a tag with lots of stuff. but if you have a tag likeyou don't need that. just put lesstan sighn, what tag does, greater than sighn. you also nee (MORE)

What is a tag in HTML?

An HTML tag is anything that defines a location in the code. Thingslike the head tag (), body tag (), and divtags (). To open a tag put the tag name between "". To close a tag put the tag name between "".

What is HTML document?

An HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) document is basically a web page. It can be opened in either a text editor or a web browser. In a text editor, the HTML code can be edited to make the web page look ore behave a certain way, in web browser the document appears as it would to people viewing as a w (MORE)

What tag defines what HTML document to put in each frame?

FRAME SRC . By using frames, you can display more than one HTML document in the same browser window. The frameset tag defines how to divide the window into frames. Each frameset defines a set of rows or columns to the size, or percentage of the page the frame is. The tag is used within the Fram (MORE)

What tag always begin HTML document?

Tags HTML BODY Elements . The HTML document begins,and ends with the tag . The element defines the whole HTML document. The element has a start tag and an end tag The Start element Tags within the HTML tags begins the content to be displayed for the web page (end body tag). The basic Tags n (MORE)

What does the HTML tag do?

The HTML tag is an optional tag in HTML but required in XHTML. It delimits the HTML element which contains a HEAD element (which contains metadata about the page) and a BODY element (which contains the content to be displayed). The only part of a web page that is not part of the HTML element is t (MORE)

What is the tags for all table tags in HTML?

The tag tells the browser to display a table. In between are these tags: This makes a table row, and in between these tags goes: This makes a table cell. This makes a table heading cell (optional) Defines a table header area (optional) Defines a table body area (optional) De (MORE)

What is tag in HTML?

A Tag in HTML is a key word enclosed within the symbols that instructs the browser to handle the text within them in a specific manner. This is a heading This text will be in Bold Above are 2 different tags. Each would format the text enclosed in a different format. The first will show th (MORE)

What are the tags of HTML?

There are 111 tags in the HTML 5 specification (see Related Link for a complete list.) These tags can be generally broken down into two types. One type is the container tag, which encompasses data by surrounding it with an opening and closing tag. For instance, the heading 1 tag: This is a hea (MORE)

All tags and its attributes with example in HTML?

Tags Attributes Values . A start tag will contain the content followed by the end tag The values specify the properties of the attribute which provide additional information about HTML element. For example:. the element Font will have an attribute to define the color of the font, and the value w (MORE)

What is a HTML document?

Is a document created in H yper t ext M arkup L anguage that is the language used in the internet files.

Do all tags in HTML require a beginning and an ending tag?

No. Some do, but some don't, as well. needs an end tag does not [Use at the end of the paragraph. While many browsers work fine without end tags for some tags, to form HTML properly to work on all browsers, every tag needs a beginning and ending. Sometimes, the ending is included in the tag. A (MORE)

What are the minimum tags for a well formed HTML document?

A HTML file compliant to the common standard (as per the W3C) will at least consist of the document type declaration followed by HTML-tags which contain a) head-tags with the title and b) body-tags with the page content: Page title (content)

Detailed description of all HTML tag?

ADDRESS - Address information APPLET - Java applet AREA - Hotzone in imagemap A - Anchor BASE - Document location BASEFONT - Default font size BIG - Larger text BLOCKQUOTE - Large quotation BODY - Document body BR - Line break B - Bold CAPTION - Table caption CENTER - Centered division CITE - Short (MORE)

What are the required elements for a simple HTML documents?

The basic requirements to use HTML are: 1. A Web browser like Mozilla or Internet Explorer that you can use to view your HTML pages 2. A text editor like notepad, textpad or edit plus etc to create your HTML documents 3. Basic understanding of the HTML tags If you have the above 3 things, you can go (MORE)

What is the main purpose of using link tag in HTML document?

The link element is used in the head-section of a HTML document to express relation to other files. The most often used types of links are those for CSS files and a favicon: Some browsers support different functions depending on the availability of such links.

What are HTML tags what are the required HTML tags in creating webpages describe what these tags do?

HTML tags are like containers for content. They tell how the content should be displayed. Tags in HTML should be enclosed with < and >. Most tags consist of an opening tab ie and a closing tag ie . The proper action is then taken concerning the content in between them. There are many tags that can (MORE)

What are the essential tags in HTML document?

HTML requires that you have the Doctype (kind of a tag.) The only other essential element is TITLE in the HEAD element. In HTML4 there must be a block level element inside the BODY; HTML5 doesn't require one. The other really important ones are the anchor tag to make links, the paragraph tag (MORE)

What is the difference between HTML tags and HTML document?

HTML tags are the physical makeup of the HTML document. A HTML document contains HTML tags, and the tags are what make it function. Here is an example Sample sample text sample text sample text sample text This is an HTML document and the text enclosed in brackets ate H (MORE)

What is the first tag in every HTML document?

Most HTML documents start with a tag which is not a tag ( is a declaration telling the browser what kind of code to expect.) The first tag is the HTML tag. The HTML tag encompasses all other tags within the HTML document.

What is the last tag in every HTML document?

The last tag in every HTML document is . Sometimes, however, it's actually . This is because, according to the W3C, the tag isn't necessary for code to be compliant (or correct.)

What is the effect of body tag in HTML?

The BODY tag in HTML defines the portion of the HTML document in which the actual content of the page will be. For instance, images, text, links, Flash and everything else that renders when the browser loads the page is defined within the BODY tag. Compare this to its sibling tag, HEAD, which con (MORE)

What are the HTML documents?

An HTML form is a section of a document containing normal content, markup, special elements called controls (checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, etc.) ...

What is role of tags in HTML document?

The tags in an HTML document segregate data into various types and functions. For instance, the paragraph tag () is used to set aside a specific block of text as a paragraph. Tags a semantic, meaning they are used to reinforce the definition of the data, rather than group the data together in a way (MORE)

What is the tags for all font size tags in HTML?

We no longer use tags for font sizes in HTML. At one time, however, we used the tag, for font faces, size, and color. Now this kind of thing is handled using CSS, in order to maintain separation between the content structure and its presentation.

What is the root tag of an HTML document?

The root tag of an HTML document is the HTML tag. It looks like this: All other HTML tags (in fact all data on the page aside from the doctype declaration) are contained within the HTML tags as descendants.

What is document tag in HTML?

HTML does not have a DOCUMENT tag. The closest thing it has is DOCTYPE, which specifies which specification of HTML (there are several versions) is being used for that page.

What is the head tag in HTML document?

The at the beginning of an HTML document comes between and . It is a container that includes information that relates to the entire document. You can include the following tags in the tag: (required in an HTML document), , , , , , and .

Which tag is not required for an HTML page?

The only tags needed are the HTML, HEAD, TITLE and BODY tags, withtheir corresponding closing tags. All other tags can said to be notrequired, though obviously many of them will be used, as otherwiseyour page would be very plain.

What does a tag do in HTML?

Tags in HTML determine the browser what to do and what to show. It is the remote control for web designers and an instruction code for system. Tags determine the browser what should be the appearance of the webpage on different elements and conditions.

What does HTML tag do?

The structure of a webpage is composed of tags. Tags are markersthat tell your web browser how to present your HTML contents.

Can style sheet will used in body tag of HTML or not?

You have 3 kinds of styles. External style sheets are in a separate file and is referenced by a web page in the head area. An internal style sheet is put into the web page. It should be put into the head area. In answer to your question however, they will work if you put them into the body of the do (MORE)