Is the body tag required for all HTML documents?

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Technically it should be included, but many browsers assume its existence if it isn't there. (if i recall correctly)

If you want to stay compliant with the W3C specifications, however, you must have a body tag. It must be the only body tag in the page, it must be a direct child of the HTML tag, and it must be preceded by 1 and only 1 HEAD tag.
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What HTML tag element surrounds all the other tags in the document?

The HTML tag surrounds all others: The BODY tag surrounds all of the content tags: . Note: Right-click a page in your browser & choose View Source. Then look at the top

What are the minimum requirements for an HTML tag?

A basic HTML tag shoould in clude a start and end tag for example to make text you have 2 tags text goes here the slassh means end tag. that is if you have a tag with lots of

Do all tags in HTML require a beginning and an ending tag?

No. Some do, but some don't, as well. needs an end tag does not [Use at the end of the paragraph. While many browsers work fine without end tags for some tags, to form H

What are the essential tags in HTML document?

HTML requires that you have the Doctype (kind of a tag.) The only other essential element is TITLE in the HEAD element. In HTML4 there must be a block level element inside t

What is the effect of body tag in HTML?

The BODY tag in HTML defines the portion of the HTML document in which the actual content of the page will be. For instance, images, text, links, Flash and everything else tha

What is role of tags in HTML document?

The tags in an HTML document segregate data into various types and functions. For instance, the paragraph tag () is used to set aside a specific block of text as a paragraph.

What is the root tag of an HTML document?

The root tag of an HTML document is the HTML tag. It looks like this: All other HTML tags (in fact all data on the page aside from the doctype declaration) are contained

What is document tag in HTML?

HTML does not have a DOCUMENT tag. The closest thing it has is DOCTYPE, which specifies which specification of HTML (there are several versions) is being used for that page.

What is the head tag in HTML document?

The at the beginning of an HTML document comes between and . It is a container that includes information that relates to the entire document. You can include the following t

Which tag is not required for an HTML page?

The only tags needed are the HTML, HEAD, TITLE and BODY tags, withtheir corresponding closing tags. All other tags can said to be notrequired, though obviously many of them wi