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Is the calf deep and distal to the knee?

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The calf is distal to the knee. There are multiple muscles in the lower leg. Their position relative to the skin is what determines it's depth/superficiality.
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How do you pass supertux knee deep in depth?

Supertux 2 0 3.3 with Forest World In Kneep-deep in the depth solution get on the tree limb use the keyboard up arrow to jump high enough to make it to the other side

Who is girl in zac brown video knee deep?

Juliet Lewis of "Natural Born Killers" I think

Is the ankle distal to the knee?


What if you had no knees?

you could be broke

Is the knee distal to the thigh?

Proximal means closer to the origin of the body part or the point of attachment of a limb to the body trunk. Distal means farther from the origin of a body part or the point o

Is the foot distal or proximal to the knee?

  The foot is distal to the knee Yes, because the origin of the leg is at the hip, and the thigh is closer to the hip than the foot.

Is the knee distal to the hip?

Yes. Distal means farther from the point of attachment or from the center of the body. So the knee is distal to the hip, and the food would be distal to the knee and so on.

Can you wear a mid-calf length skirt or dress with knee high boots?

If it makes you feel beautiful, yes!! To my personal taste, a skirt should always be short enough to show some leg above the top of your boots. But that's me. We should al

What is a calf?

A calf is a general term for an immature bovine that relies on its mother or the bottle for milk for several months of its life until weaned.

Does Deep Heat Help A Strained Calf?

yes. anytime you pull a muscle or if your muscles are feeling sore, then you should ice it for about ten minutes and then add heat for ten minutes and continue doing that.

What can be done to stop the pain caused by injury to foot which seems to be starting to radiate from the top of my foot to the ankle and calf to knee after a few years of just foot pain?

It sounds like you may be suffering from some sort of inflammation, you should get it checked out for osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. in the meantime there are a few over the
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Is the knee cap deep to the femur?

The knee cap or (Patella) is distal and superficial to the femur.  There are many tendons of muscles that originate on the femur that  insert in the the patella, thus the pa