Is the fat in alligator meat poisonous?

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"No. But animal fat is high in saturated fat, so it's not healthful either."
Alligator fat is not poisonous. At the same time, it's not something you would want to eat and has a rancid type taste.
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Do alligators eat meat?

Yes, Alligators are entirely carnivorous.Throughout their life, their prey depends upon their size. When they reach maturity they are commonly apex predators throughout their

Are alligator lizards poisonous?

No - they're a non-venomous species. I couldn't find that much info - but I DID find something on Wikipedia - See related link the real alligator lizard are not the most venom

Does alligators like human meat?

Alligators will eat any meat that comes across their path. They will often drown their prey and leave the carcass out to rot to make it easier to eat later on.

Is alligator meat healthy for eating?

High levels of mercury have been found in everglades alligators, everglades Burmese pythons and some other animals in the food chain. There's nothing specifically unhealthy ab
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What meats have fat?

All meats will have some fat. How much a specific meat has dependson the animal it came from, and what their diet consists of. Forexample, beef from grazed cattle tends to be