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Is the force of an aeroplane nose diving bigger than the force of the pilot pushing the stick?

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A push force is stronger than a pull force?

False: Take Earth we have an inward PULL! We don't push! It is easier to pull than to push. I have known always that this was correct. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure that

What forces are pushing forces?

We can Push Many Things But Everything we push is a force here is a list of 5 things we push 1. Shopping Troll 2. Doors 3. Car ( if it Breaks Down ) 4. Prams 5. Wheel

Why is output force always bigger than input force?

Output force is never greater than input force. There are losses associated with any system, and we have not found a way to get more out of a "thing" or "machine" or any other

What forces act on aeroplane when landing?

The forces acting on an aircraft during landing are the same as those during any other phase of flight: thrust, drag, lift, and weight. During the approach phase, if the aircr

What is a push force?

centrifugal force is also called as push force and centripetal is pull force