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Is the iPad better than the ipodtouch?

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They are almost exactly alike, although the IPad is much bigger.
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What is better than the iPad?

This is more of an opinionated question, but like Steve Jobs said, "This is the year of the copycats." If you have/have not seen the commercials lately, there was one for Sams

Is iPad better than iPhone?

Well it depends what you are looking for, really. I have an iPadwhich is really good for apps and and surfing the web, plus it'seasy to type on and easy to use. iPhones are ju

Is iPad better than a PC?

The iPad is a personal computer. (PC) It is aimed at a segment of the computing market that has not so far been very successful. So far, the iPad has proven to be successful.

Is the iPad better than the iPhone?

The iPad and iPhone are two devices with similar functions. Each is better in some ways than the other. Small size can be an advantage. Large size can be an advantage. ---

Can iPad apps work on ipodtouch?

No, iPad apps work specifically for the iPad as they have been coded for the iPad. But iPod touch apps work on the iPad.

Which is better ipodtouch or iPad?

It depends. They can both get the same applications and music and whatnot, but it's the size that matters. If you want something easily portable and can fit in a pocket, yo

Is an iPhone better than an iPad?

ipad is much better than iPhone because of the screen size and ipad is much faster than iPhone . Ipad also had better camera. But iPhone is the best phone in the world. Apple

Is an iPad better than a laptop?

ipad can better than a laptop. ipad is like a mini laptop version with less functions, ipads can also not open many websites using the Internet but on the other hand there a

Is an iPad better than a tablet?

NO, Apple just intises you to buy things, but they are not neccesarily better. I have a Blackberry Tablet, it is fine and like 300$ cheaper. They both have apps, for free and
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Is the iPad 2 better than the iPad?

Yes. The iPad 2 is definitely better than the original iPad. First because of the most obvious differences that it now has a front facing camera and back one for facetime and
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Why is an iPad better than a Laptop?

The ipad weight less than the laptop. . you don't have to wait a lot of time 2 log in. . the ipaid you can draw and color the drawing . . you can make your own drawing. .
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Is the Surface better than an iPad?

There is no clear cut answer, but if you are buying a tablet for primarily games and entertainment, then buy the iPad. If you want a tablet with free office 2013, a usb 2.0 po