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I went to this website and the first thing that struck me in the 'lotto black book' The bullet supposedly taken from this mans leg is a rifle bullet. Um, color me pink and send me to fight in Afghanistan, but he would not get robbed/stuck up/or kidnapped with someone brandishing a rifle... Just too unbelievable. 2nd, I have worked for a state lotto program in the data processing center, the numbers are computer generated , threw random numbers. If you've ever done any sort of programming it looks sort of like this (Int(Rnd(1)*10) This produces and integer number , randomly creates a number between 1-10 in this case.. final word... "It is statistically impossible to map or predict random numbers" and you can take THAT to the bank..
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I found the book on a site it is not completely free but it is cheaper the name is different but it offers the same formula lotterywinningtips blogspot com

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