Is the narcissist ever sorry and does he ever apologize?

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Would a narcissist ever be comfortable in a nudist setting?

It could depend on who the narcissist is, whether they are male or female, and their age. In general the answer would be no.. Actually narcissists are very self involved and/or self centered people and would not be as comfortable,mainly because they not the one and only center of attention. A nudis (MORE)

Does a narcissist ever forget an insult?

Yes, they forget insults, the ones they say to you. Narcissists are often vindictive and they often stalk and harass. They hold grudges indefinitely. They rarely forget a slight or an insult - real or imagined. They nurture the pain, dwell on it, magnify it, analyze it, and form conspiracy (MORE)

Will a narcissistic father ever accept you?

Give up. Achieve closure. He doesn't deserve more than what you have already given him. The word "love" is understood by the narcissist to mean "dependence", "neediness", "ability to provide narcissistic supply", "becoming the narcissist's extension and property". In these - distorted and sick - sen (MORE)

Can children of narcissistic parents ever recover?

Narcissism is the personality trait of selfishness taken to an extreme level, and like any personality trait, it can be slowly changed through great effort or at least blunted with behavior modification techniques. While it is possible for children of a narcissist to suffer some emotional issues due (MORE)

Do narcissists ever think that they are in love?

"In love" is such an subjective abstract concept, who is to say that my interpretation of the phrase and yours are the same as each other or anyone else's? One could say that, truly, if you think you are "in love," then you are. They love the concept that they have a girlfriend/spouse etc. T (MORE)

Can a narcissist ever be a true friend?

It depends if someone has traits or fully blown NPD. Generally speaking, no I don't think they can. Friendship is based on trust, how can you trust someone who is only friends with you because of what they can gain from you? . I always find it difficult to tell a narcissist with someone that is j (MORE)

Are Narcissists ever happy?

Pathological narcissism is a defense mechanism against the hurt and threat of ealy childhood abuse. The narcissist is, therefore, in a constant state of inner turmoil, conflict, insecurity, and rage.

How do you know if a narcissist ever loved you?

You don't. That's the problem. Maybe they loved you based on what they THOUGHT was love or the closest thing they could feel to being love. Narcissists typically don't actually feel emotions like love or guilt. Its possible the whole relationship was a lie and they were only out for their own purp (MORE)

Can you ever become a source of narcissistic supply again to a narcissist that devalued you before?

Answer . Yes. But he will only devalue you again. I know you are hurting and maybe even thinking of accepting crumbs from him, rather than dealing with the pain. But you must face the fact that at some point you are going to have to walk through the pain rather than relying on a temporary fix fro (MORE)

Does a Narcissist ever become a normal person?

Narcissist becoming normal?? . \nUnless they lose it all (money,home,family etc..) or become severely disabled or have a true life changing religious experience (due to the above circumstances probably)- THEY WON'T ever be a normal person.. Answer . I am very sorry to say that Narcissistic p (MORE)

Will a narcissist ever leave a relationship?

Mine dumped me Then the following day he called me to say that he wanted to work through MY issues together. We spent a week talking about MY issues and him refusing to discuss any of his issues, except for the fact that he blatently checks out woman and flirts with woman right in front of me RED (MORE)

Does a narcissist ever forgive?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nOnly if they are not "done" with you. If they have secured a backup\nfor you,you will be discarded,never frogiven and shut off .All as if you never \nexisted and are worth nothing.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nno\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nYes, they will say they forg (MORE)

Can Narcissists ever be haunted by the abuse they put their victims through?

I believe in the phrase "what comes around goes around" I have seen it happen and yes it is possible that a narcissistic person can be haunted by what he/she has done. You have to believe it. It will happen--maybe not exactly the way you would like it to happen but you will recognize it when it does (MORE)

After you have left your narcissist will he ever acknowledge that you have figured him out?

Answer . While it's true narcissists like to be the one to control and that means them leaving you, it probably won't put a dent in his egotistical armor and he'll just go onto someone else. Be thankful you stood up to him and moved on.\n. \nSince narcissists are all about control, ego-maniaca (MORE)

Does a Narcissist ever feel empathy?

That depends om how severe the disorder is. If you look at clinical signs that are present, most people with personality disorders, unless severe, will not fit all of them. So a narcissist could feel a degree of empathy for others. However, when it comes down to a choice between someone else's feeli (MORE)

Will your narcissist ever truly love you the way you love him?

DEFINITION OF NARCISSIST PRECLUDES NORMA If it suits his purposes for "narcissistic supply" he could put in an academy award performance that he does for a burst. Well he hooked you with it before. Then as soon as you think he has got there (you know why it should be feasible him loving you back re (MORE)

Can children of narcissistic parent ever recover?

I'm a daughter of parents with narcissistic personality disorder. I'm 29 years old and am only now realizing the reality of my life so far. I have been in denial all these years all the while knowing something was seriously wrong. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I have been sucked dry, an empty (MORE)

Will a narcissist ever change?

NO.. they never change. VERY, VEry rare, after going through narcissitic injuries. Even when seeking therapy they use the knowledge gained to manipulate. The majority get worse with age, because of the gap between the false and real self. Impower yourself with knowledge about this disorder and that (MORE)

Did narcissist ever call you pet nicknames?

Yep - mine started out calling me "Belle" and other sweet the abuse and the years wore on, the names turned to things like "Trampy". When he would use my real name, it usually involved a severe sarcastic inflection such that he sounded like he was making fun of my name. He stopped using t (MORE)

Why would my ex say you dont have to say your sorry anymore or ever because i apologized for being upset he left me for someone else is all hope lost?

Your ex says that because you don't have to as your exes and don't owe one another anything anymore and chances are he doesn't care much anyway - as well as he has obviously moved on. If he has moved on it would be in your best interest to let him be, let go and move on. I realize it may not be what (MORE)

Can one be happy in a relationship with a narcissist and can the Narcissist ever truly be happy?

There are only 2 kinds of people who are of use to Narcissists: Those who can pump them up & those whom they can put down.. They are insecure, scared little people. This is why they must have the 2 above listed situations to survive.. They never developed emotionally past the Terrible Twos. One or (MORE)

Did the Germans ever apologize to the Jews after the Holocaust?

It would probably be to humiliating for them to admit their wrondoings, and there haven't really been any accounts of the Germans apologizing, so most likely no, they did not. MOST LIKELY, SOME DID. _____ Steady on! "The Germans" can either mean individual Germans or German governments. As for the (MORE)

Are narcissists ever sorry?

I've been married to a Narcissist for 10yrs. It's not that easy of a question to answer. NPD's need their Narcissistic supply. If they feel threatened that they might be loosing their supply then they will tell you they are sorry. NPD's usually are pathologicla liers. They have a creative way of bal (MORE)

Are narcissists ever sorry for what they do?

I would say "No". Because in the narcissist's warped mind, anything they do to help their cause is never wrong, therefore they never need apologize. However, they may APPEAR to apologize if that may help their cause, for example to re-establish contact with somebody who still has something to of (MORE)

Do narcissists ever regret a partner leaving them?

A narcissist would not want to lose a person that plays up their narcissism. Like a person that constantly complimented them about their good looks, intelligence, personality, etc and admired them. I bet they would regret losing someone like this, an infatuated kiss a**.

Does a narcissist ever really forget her victim does a narcissist ever really let go does a narcissist ever write of their victim?

Do narcissists ever let go of a victim? The answer yes and no. As long as the narc feels you have any intrest in them and you can be manipulated by them such as guilt tripping, feeling sorry for them, will allow them to conjole, or cause any emotions in you whether anger, sympathy, empathy or any at (MORE)

Has the US ever said sorry for the Chenogne massacre?

The US has admitted that for a time after the Nazis massacred 80 US pows at Malmedy any Germans taken prisoner were at a greater risk of being harmed due to the anger the GIs felt over what happened at Malmedy. But as far as what happened at Chenogne the stories vary so much about the facts it is no (MORE)

Have the Jews ever said sorry for murdering Jesus?

The Jews have no reason to apologise for murdering Jesus. Pope Benedict has said that those at fault were only the small number of priests and leaders at the crucifixion. He says that Jews must not be collectively blamed for his death.

Can you really ever respect a Narcissistic parent or boss?

I can respect their valued suggestion which helps me to grow up as a good citizen and successful employee to listen the narcissistic advices. But We have to remember that"excess of any thing is bad". I can never respect a parent or boss who all the time use to do advice and never will accept my o (MORE)

Do narcissists ever stop recycling their supply?

Yes, but you must stop providing it to them. As long as you allow them to continuously receive it from you, they will never be gone too long. Stop it, cut it off at the source (you) and they will no longer seek you out as a source; it's too much work for them, they will find a new victim.

Can a pathological narcissist ever love?

NEVER!!! Lust, potentially - but that lust is more grounded in the realms of financial, status-related, or intellectual conquest. Love requires giving of the self in a selfless way - a Narcissist is ALWAYS in it for what they can get out of it when it comes to giving. They will condition you or (MORE)

Can you ever show a narcissist that they are a narcissist?

Generally, that won't work due to the very nature of the personality disorder. Narcissists are not open to criticism, even constructive criticism. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder are typically unwilling or unable to acknowledge their disorder. Although some may recognize the di (MORE)

Do narcissists ever forgive and forget a narcissistic injury?

No. Stay away from narcissists. They are not truly focussed on anything you did, bad or good. They are focussed only on what they want--and what they want is to be the center of attention at any price. It is very unlikely that you, or anyone else, created an unforgivable injury to a narcissist. At (MORE)

Did the French ever apologize for torturing and murdering the Dauphin?

By "the Dauphin" I assume you are speaking of Louis XVI 's son, who was killed along with his parents during the French Revolution late 18th century. He was not killed like his parents, but rather was imprisoned for the remainder of his life. He died in prison at the age of 10, roughly two years aft (MORE)

Is the narcissist ever sorry?

In theory, it's possible for a narcissist to feel sorry. Adiagnosis for NPD doesn't really require a lack of empathy and agod complex isn't even one of the criteria. Unfortunately, I'venever seen any reports of a narcissist feeling genuine remorse.This could simply be because we don't think of anybo (MORE)