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Is the narcissist ever sorry and does he ever apologize?

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Does a narcissist ever forget an insult?

Yes, they forget insults, the ones they say to you. Narcissists are often vindictive and they often stalk and harass. They hold grudges indefinitely. They rarely forg

Will a narcissistic father ever accept you?

Give up. Achieve closure. He doesn't deserve more than what you have already given him. The word "love" is understood by the narcissist to mean "dependence", "neediness", "abi

Do narcissists ever think that they are in love?

"In love" is such an subjective abstract concept, who is to say that my interpretation of the phrase and yours are the same as each other or anyone else's? One could say that,

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Can a narcissist ever be a true friend?

It depends if someone has traits or fully blown NPD. Generally speaking, no I don't think they can. Friendship is based on trust, how can you trust someone who is only friends

Are Narcissists ever happy?

Pathological narcissism is a defense mechanism against the hurt and threat of ealy childhood abuse. The narcissist is, therefore, in a constant state of inner turmoil, conflic

Does a narcissist ever forgive?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nOnly if they are not "done" with you. If they have secured a backup\nfor you,you will be discarded,never frogiven and shut off .All as if you never

Are narcissists ever sorry?

I've been married to a Narcissist for 10yrs. It's not that easy of a question to answer. NPD's need their Narcissistic supply. If they feel threatened that they might be loosi

Are narcissists ever sorry for what they do?

I would say "No". Because in the narcissist's warped mind, anything they do to help their cause is never wrong, therefore they never need apologize. However, they may APPE

Can a pathological narcissist ever love?

NEVER!!! Lust, potentially - but that lust is more grounded in the realms of financial, status-related, or intellectual conquest. Love requires giving of the self in a sel

Can you ever show a narcissist that they are a narcissist?

Generally, that won't work due to the very nature of the personality disorder. Narcissists are not open to criticism, even constructive criticism. Individuals with narcissi

Is the narcissist ever sorry?

In theory, it's possible for a narcissist to feel sorry. Adiagnosis for NPD doesn't really require a lack of empathy and agod complex isn't even one of the criteria. Unfortuna