Is the new Obama coin by New England mint genuine?

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First, the short answer: no, it is not legal tender and cannot be used to buy anything. It is a collectible item, made for hobbyists and collectors.

Not colorized by the United States Mint

It has come to the attention of the United States Mint that several private commercial businesses are advertising so-called "Barack Obama Presidential $1 Coins," as well as commemorative half-dollar coins, American Eagle Silver Coins and multi-coin sets bearing images of the President-Elect. These advertisements feature genuine United States coins that the private commercial businesses have altered by affixing a colorized image to the coin. Additionally, some businesses have treated the coins by gold-plating them.

These items are not official United States Mint products. Furthermore, these products, businesses, and advertisements are not approved, endorsed, sponsored, or authorized by the United States Mint, the Department of the Treasury, or the United States Government.
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What is the value of a 1657 New England mint coin?

Answer . \nImpossible to tell without more information. A lot of colonial-era coins have been reproduced as novelties and keepsakes. Look for the word COPY in small letters punched somewhere. However, there are also counterfeits so the absence of "COPY" doesn't prove it's genuine. A dealer w (MORE)

Where is New England?

It is in the northeastern United States.It's in the north eastern United States, made up of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, and New Hampshire. New England is the northeastern portion of the United States. It is named New England because it was where the English c (MORE)

Is new England a part of England?

No, New England is the name of the region in that is basically the northeastern corner of the Contiguous United States, east of New York.

Who was in favor of removing the motto In God We Trust from new minted coins?

There is no concerted effort to remove the motto from U.S. coins. Every so ofter a small group of fringe individuals tries to make a case for doing so, usually on the basis of maintaining an extremely strict separation between church and state. The effort almost always fizzles out quickly because (MORE)

What is the value of a genuine double headed pound coin minted in 1989?

How can you be sure it's genuine? Coin presses are made to prevent insertion of two heads or two tails dies so it's almost a dead-cert that you have a faked magician's coin. Drop it on a hard surface and compare the ring to that of a known good coin. The 2-header will sound dull by comparison. (MORE)

How much does the new dollar coin cost to mint?

Depending on the current value of the metals it costs around 3 1/2 cents just for the materials to mint the dollar coin.. The additional cost of labor and overhead is difficult to determine on a per coin basis.

Why is New England called New England?

New England has that name because many early European settlers of that region were from England. The Americas were thought of as a "new world" so areas in America were often named for the places from which the settler came, with the addition of the word "new."

Is there a new England mint?

There is no government mint in New England. The four mints in current operation are: Philadelphia (P) and Denver (D) - circulation coins San Francisco (S) - proof and some commemorative coins West Point (W) - commemorative and bullion coins There are plenty of private mints, though. They m (MORE)

New England mint?

The New England Mint produces items not authorized by the US mint.There is almost no collector value to them. They make terrible investments. The Obama stuff they are selling won'tbe of any value 100 years into the future, let alone 5 or 10 yearslater, same with the rest of the stuff they try to se (MORE)

Why is it legal for New England Mint to profit from making and selling Obama coins without paying Obama or securing his permission?

Because Barack Obama is a publicly elected official, he cannot restrict the free usage of his image by others, including those marketing products. Barack Obama's image has been used throughout the election season on virtually every novelty product imaginable. And Barack Obama never saw a dime from t (MORE)

What is the New England Mint company address?

1-866-575-5567 Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Time. Or email us at New England Mint 22 South Smith St Norwalk, CT 06855

Is New England actually England?

New England is a regions of America that was named after thecountry England. The country of England is found in the UnitedKingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Are England and New England the same?

No, England and New England are very different. England is a constituent country of the United Kingdom and many people think England and the United Kingdom are the same and interchangable, but this is not true. New England is a region in the United States including the states of Connecticut, Maine (MORE)

Silversmith minted a new coin who is he in 1652?

According to one source, Boston minters Robert Saunderson and John Hull began making the first silver coins (ever struck on American soil) in the year 1652. This was the New England Shilling.

How many new coins are being produced by the Royal Mint as part of its Centenary of Federation coin programme?

The Centenary of Federation was in 2001.. The Royal Australian Mint produced nine different general circulation 20 cent coins, one for each state and territory, plus one for Norfolk Island.. The Royal Australian Mint produced ten different general circulation 50 cent coins, one for each state and (MORE)

Does a New Orleans minted coin have more or less worth than other mints?

The answer to this question is the same as that about any other generic question that doesn't refer to a specific date and condition - yes, no, and maybe. New Orleans coins today have a certain "cachet" because that mint has been closed for a century and its products are now only seen in museums an (MORE)

What is the New England?

New England includes most of the NorthEast states: Maine Rhode Island Masachusetts New Hamshire Vermont Connecticut New York, though part of the NorthEast, is not part of New England!

Is there a mint in New Zealand?

Yes, the Mint of New Zealand is located in Auckland and mints legal tender commemorative coins, gold bullion and medallions. It's important to note that this isn't the official mint of New Zealand, just a private company. The New Zealand mint does not have the authority to mint coins for general cir (MORE)

What new law did Obama make?

President Obama cannot make laws. That is the job of congress. He can, however, advocate for his priorities, and encourage congress to pass them. This is what happened with the controversial "Affordable Care Act," which his opponents call "Obamacare." He wanted health care reform, and the Democratic (MORE)

Where would silver coins minted from the silver found in the New World between 1400 1600 CE be minted would it be in Europe or the Americas?

, I presume that you are interested in the Spanish Empire based on the given time range. Your answer is the majority of the coins were minted in the New World, but while the most were minted on site in the Americas, some were also cast as ingots and shipped to Europe where they were minted to (MORE)

How are the New England Patriots from New England?

Billy Sullivan started the team as the 8th and final franchise of the American Football League (AFL) in 1959. They were the "Boston Patriots." They became part of the AFC when the leagues merged in 1970. When the team moved their headquarters to Foxborough, MA (about 20 miles from Boston), they cha (MORE)

What was the smallest minting of New Zealand coins?

The smallest mintage of New Zealand predecimal general circulation coins was the 1961 Halfcrown with only 80,000 minted. The smallest mintage of New Zealand decimal general circulation coins was the 1997 Two Dollar coin with only 1,008,000 minted.

Does England mint Twopence coins today?

The Royal Mint has produced a decimal Two Pence coin in most years since 1971, when they were first issued, until present. There is no current indication that Britain intends to stop minting the smaller denomination coins any time in the foreseeable future.

Why do you have New England?

Because after the war between England and the states that are now United States. They now call it the "New England".

Is New England in the England colony?

The Puritans left the country of England to settle in the New England region of North America. A large majority of the early settlers of New England were of English descent.

Who is malia obamas new boyfriend?

We don't really know. There are some tabloid rumors that she has a crush on a boy at the school she attends, but since those rumors come from an unreliable source, I would be hesitant to trust them.

When were the fewest New Zealand Halfcrown coins minted?

The New Zealand Halfcrown coin was first minted in 1933 and last minted in 1965. There were no New Zealand Halfcrown coins minted in 1936, 1938, 1939, 1952, 1954 to 1960, and 1964. The fewest coins were minted in the following years - 1961 - 80,000 1940 - 100,800 1953 - 127,000 1944 - 180,000 It (MORE)

How many British 1983 2 Pence coins with New Pence were minted?

The only British 2 Pence coins minted in 1983 were minted for either Mint Uncirculated or Proof coin sets. A total of 631,000 British 2 Pence coins were minted for the Mint Uncirculated coin sets. The "Mule" (2 New Pence instead of Two Pence) coins were included in sets packed by the Royal Mint fo (MORE)

Are the New England Patriots from England?

No. The term New England applies to the northeastern states that were among the original English colonies in America. It is still used to describe the region. The team's name references the "patriots" who were those who fought the British in the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Originally they were (MORE)

Is kaipara forests limited a genuine company in new zealand?

This is what I wanted to know. My grand father claimed before his death that he bought a piece of land in Auckland. He had the deed but lost in time. I have only a letter signed by A.G.Gray, Chairman of the board in 1970. I don't have (Kaipara forest limited) their current address or telephone num (MORE)

Why does fox news hate Obama?

Fox News is by all accounts the media voice of the Republican party. It was founded to be a network where conservatives could dominate the coverage and Republican views could be disseminated. As such, it has been very successful. Part of that success is being very critical of anything Democrats do. (MORE)

Why were there no New Zealand 3d coins minted in 1949?

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand determined that there weresufficient Threepences already in circulation, so there was no needto mint any more for 1949. This is a common practice of manycentral banking agencies around the world.

What is Obama new currency law?

It's a myth. There is no new currency law being proposed by the president. According to, there is a chain e-mail that claims H.R. 2847 will cause the US dollar to collapse, and there is also an advertisement from an investment company (Stansberry and Associates) trying to sell you their " (MORE)