Is the outside dryer vent cover on a 5 story condo building a common element to be repaired by owner or building maintenance?

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Your governing documents will specify ownership of the dryer vent cover. Lacking any definition for the cover per se, look for text that covers ownership of the 'dryer vent' with the understanding -- which you can verify in writing by sending a query to your board of directors -- that the cover is included in the dryer vent mechanism/ definition.

The 'dryer vent' may be defined as a common area element or a limited common area element, depending on your individual governing documents. Rarely are they defined as owner-owned.

Bottom line about dryer vents: they can pose a fire hazard. Most associations charge owners to clean them as part of routine preventative maintenance, which owners pay for in their assessment payments.

It will be important to repair the dryer vent cover, to prevent its appeal as a nesting area for different animals that may want to build there.
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Is there such a thing as a 240V switch because you need to run a dryer and cooktop-stove and only have one 240V line in your old condo building?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nAll 220 volt appliances must be on a dedicated circuit. The dryer will need to be on one circuit and the stove on another. You will need to run a dedicated wire from the fuse panel to the appliance you want to add, with a dedicated breaker. Anything else is a violation (MORE)

What is my liability as a condo owner if a woman resident and a man renting a condo from me condo went out for few outings and later renter harasses this woman resident of the building?

Answer . There could be a liability if the renter has a criminal record and you were aware of it or failed to properly conduct a background check. . You community may have restrictions contained within their docs, you may wish to check. . However if this lady elected to go out with your rente (MORE)

What is building maintenance?

Building maintenance includes services that maintain the upkeep and look of commercial buildings. Some of these services include: landscaping, parking lot sweeping, pest control and more. Check the resources link for more information about building maintenance. Building maintenance is the continuo (MORE)

What is the best way to vent a dryer when an outside duct is not available?

You could vent it into a bucket of water but I would not recommendthat as a long-term solution. Venting out a window is the bestpermanent solution when exhausting through an exterior wall is notan option. if venting out a window is an option for your situation,look into getting a window dryer vent.

How do you repair the heating element of a dryer?

If the element has failed you will still have 240V going to the element itself: it just won't be causing the element to heat up. Make sure the dryer is unplugged! Then take the back off the dryer and pull the element out - it's usually held by just a few screws. BEFORE YOU UN-CLIP THE WIRES (MORE)

Is maintenance such as mowing of lawns and edging the same as landscaping of common element around the perimeter of a condo?

You can read your governing documents to determine the definition of common areas. As well, you can read your association's annual budget to determine whether lawn mowing and edging is a different line item from landscaping common areas. Every condominium is different, each is unique. While agre (MORE)

In a condo association is maintenance defined as mowing of lawns and edging the same as landscaping of common element around the perimeter of a condo?

Your governing documents, including any maintenance tasks included in the annual budget will give you the answer to your question. Generally, all lawns, except lawns specifically owned and maintained by a single owner, are covered in landscape maintenance tasks, because these real estate assets are (MORE)

If your neighbors stopped paying their condo maintenance and your building is in arrears thousands of dollars how do you legally get them to pay?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. In some states, condominium assessments automatically become liens against the title to a unit. However, it is necessary for the board with its attorney to file such a lien formally with the appropriate court in order for the lien to clo (MORE)

How high is a 5 story building?

A 5 story building would be at least about 50 feet or taller. It depends on the distance between each floor, and the type of roof construction.

Which is correct outside of a building or outside a building?

This is one case where the common usage in English has eliminated the proper descriptive function of a preposition.. If something is "outside a building", it is actually outside "of" the building, but the word "outside" creates an adverbial clause that removes the need for the "of". "He was standin (MORE)

What are the Duties of building maintenance?

There are a lot of services that are a part of building maintenance. Some of these include: landscaping, HVAC, snow removal, parking lot sweeping, pest control, custodial and more. Check the resources link for some more information.

What to charge for building maintenance services?

It can be difficult to determine exactly what to charge or quote in a building maintenance bid. I would recommend making your quote fair and planning for some unexpected costs. Although some companies will bid the lowest price possible, you may not be able to make money at that price. To gain some a (MORE)

What is the acceptable owner to renter percentage in an 18 unit condo building?

The ratio you mention can be a key factor considered by a bank in lending money to a prospective owner. A building with too many renters may appear to the banker like a building with too high a risk -- i.e., for owner abandonment (due to the lack of a renter to help pay the mortgage); a building wi (MORE)

Is painting a building depreciable or maintenance?

I would consider it to be maintenance. Additionally, numerous building maintenance companies offer painting as one of their scheduled or recurring maintenance services. Exterior paint is an easy way to maintain the appearance of your building.

Common structural elements of a condo?

Read your governing documents to determine which real estate assets you own, and which are owned in common with all other owners. Generally, there is a boundary inside your unit where your ownership begins: at the paint, at the back of the wallboard, at the studs, or whatever your governing docum (MORE)

What are the maintenance cost for a building?

The maintenance costs of a building vary based on square footage, use (commercial vs. residential) and location. I have heard that it is a good ideas to set aside 1 percent of your residential property's value for repairs every year. However, for a commercial building, you should consider pursuing a (MORE)

Who is in building maintenance?

There are companies that specialize in building maintenance and property maintenance. These companies vary in size. Some are only regional but others can meet the demands of a nationwide portfolio of real estate properties. I would be careful with which one you go with because there is a wide variet (MORE)

What are the importance of building maintenance?

It is important to pursue building maintenance services in order to protect your investment in your building. Preventative services can extend the life of your property which could save you a lot of money in the long run. Check the resources link for some examples of building maintenance services.

What is the average cost to build a condo?

A local realtor or builder can answer your question. It depends on how many units you want to build and what the local economy can support in terms of wages for the crafts people you hire for the project.

Can a condo maintenance company be fired by the owners?

Usually vendors are contracted with condominium communities by the board of directors or by the property management company. Owners can document complaints and take them to the board, but it's up to the board to disconnect from a vendor under contract to the association.

What are the types of maintenance carried out in a building?

There is actually quite a large menu of building maintenance services. Some services are performed more regularly than others but here is a short list of some building maintenance services: landscaping, snow removal, pest control and parking lot sweeping. For more information check the resources lin (MORE)

What is preventive maintenance of buildings?

Preventative maintenance of buildings includes numerous services related to HVAC maintenance, floor maintenance, roof repair, irrigation maintenance, plumbing repair and more. These services allow you to save money on some more expensive costs down the road. If you pursue preventative and regularly (MORE)

What does a downtown condo cost to build?

Of course, everything depends on where you want to situate 'downtown'. First, you'll need to purchase the land. Its value may be sufficient to use as collateral to build the building with the number of units you want to sell. Or not. Your investment will be more if you build a 30-story building t (MORE)

What is maintenance in a building?

Building maintenance consists of a number of services including: HVAC repair, parking lot maintenance, landscape maintenance, snow removal and more. These maintenance services allow you to extend the lifetime of your building and could save you a significant amount of money over the lifetime of your (MORE)

How to start a building maintenance corporation?

To start up a building maintenance corporation you will need to incorporate your business or pursue it as a sole proprietorship. Next, you would need to purchase or rent the required equipment and start gaining service contracts. Concurrently, you should consider staffing. With the help of a buildin (MORE)

How do you convert a 33 unit rental condo building to an owner occupied 50 and older retirement condo complex?

Your terminology in the question is confusing: either your building is a rental building, or it's a condominium building. Each presents different challenges for conversion. If your building is a rental building, the owner can hire an association-savvy attorney to develop the governing documents, (MORE)

What are building codes for condos?

Building codes are set by local municipalities, so depending on where the condominium is being built, those building codes apply. In some municipalities, building codes for apartments are different from the building codes imposed on condominiums. This means that original building codes may have ap (MORE)

What are the objectives of building maintenance?

Building maintenance refers to the care and upkeep of a building. This includes keeping the roof from leaking or repairing it; making sure the electric wiring is safe and functional; painting the inside and outside as needed; patching holes; keeping the windows functional; making sure that the heati (MORE)

Is it illegal to build deck in common area of condo?

When you want to build a deck outside your unit, best practicesdictate that you consult your governing documents to determine theprocess required before you pick up a hammer. The association may require plans, review of vendor credentials andmaterials and so forth, before you begin. Municipal permit (MORE)

What are common elements in condo?

There is no standard. Read your governing documents -- boundaries section -- to determine which are common elements and which are individually owned.

What are limited common elements in a condo?

There is no standard. However, if the association's board has defined limited commonelements, these are elements that the association owns -- allowners own them together, but are available for use by less thanall owners.

Can management of a condo association change common areas in a building without asking its residents (owners)?

There is no standard, black-and-white answer. Your answer depends on the change, the state where you live, yourgoverning documents and the authority of the management company. If the change is extreme, for example, changing a hallway into aparking stall, or other non-nonsensical change of use, it m (MORE)