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Is the outside dryer vent cover on a 5 story condo building a common element to be repaired by owner or building maintenance?

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Your governing documents will specify ownership of the dryer vent cover. Lacking any definition for the cover per se, look for text that covers ownership of the 'dryer vent' with the understanding -- which you can verify in writing by sending a query to your board of directors -- that the cover is included in the dryer vent mechanism/ definition.

The 'dryer vent' may be defined as a common area element or a limited common area element, depending on your individual governing documents. Rarely are they defined as owner-owned.

Bottom line about dryer vents: they can pose a fire hazard. Most associations charge owners to clean them as part of routine preventative maintenance, which owners pay for in their assessment payments.

It will be important to repair the dryer vent cover, to prevent its appeal as a nesting area for different animals that may want to build there.
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