Is the owner of a condo unit responsible for water damages from a leak in his unit to a unit below?

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Only if the owner above was negligent somehow. A pipe simply bursting suddenly and without warning would not trigger any liability of the unitowner.

However, if the unitowner above was filling his bathtub, and decided to go out for dinner and the tub overflowed....there might be some negligence on his behalf and possible liability on the unitowner. It all depends on exactly what caused the water damage.

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There are separate responsibilities here, first, to clean up the water damage and second, to pay for the clean-up and repair.

Clearly, water has flowed through common areas -- the walls/ floors/ ceilings, which are owned by the association. As well, two separate units -- at least -- are involved.

When water is evident in places where it shouldn't be, the first call is to the association's manager -- on an emergency basis -- to learn how to 'turn off' the water source. (A unit owner may know this already.) NB: It may be a leaky roof or window, or a mystery source.

The association manager can then contact the appropriate clean-up team, and contact the master insurance policy carrier to alert the company of a pending claim.

A unit owner is best advised to carry an HO-6 condominium owners policy, which may cover the expense of such an incident, including damage to other units. Lacking such coverage, an owner may be required to pay for damages.

Best practices dictate that a unit owner not tackle this issue alone: involve the association manager and/or board, so that the appropriate response takes place and payments are made according to the insured status of all involved.
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