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No, a Red Panda is a lot smaller and lives in a similar way to a Lemur. The Panda that you are probably thinking of is the Giant Panda (black and white) and spends approximately 14 hours consuming food whereas a red panda consumes on average 13 hours.

Addendum to above answer:
Red pandas are "real" but the most well known panda is the giant panda. Giant pandas are native to China while red pandas are native to the Himalayas, China, Nepal, Myanmar, and India. Both animals feed on bamboo.
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Why is the red panda considered a panda?

Believe it or not the red panda is considered a panda because it was the first known panda. Long ago people did not know of the black and white pandas but had knowledge of onl

Are pandas real?

Yes! They are a species from China.

What type of pandas are red pandas?

Actually, red pandas aren't pandas at all. They are more closely related to small mammals like raccoons and weasels than they are to pandas. They are only named red pandas bec

Are red pandas pandas?

Yes, they are pandas. They are not considered a bear, though. They are more closely related to the raccoon and skunk. Red pandas where found before the Giant panda was.

Do red pandas live with a panda?

Yes, red pandas do live with the famous black and white Giant Pandas across the Sechuan province of Northwest China. Red Pandas, however, range from China to India and Nepal a

Are red pandas actually pandas?

The red panda isnot a real panda. Infact they were the first kindof pandas to be discovered.

Do red pandas get a long with pandas?

NO Red Pandas in the wild are normally very solitary creatures (except during mating season). So they don't get along with much of any other animal except themselves. Red Pan

Where can you find red pandas and are they real?

Red pandas are real and they live in eastern Himalaya andsouthwest China. . What's not real is the "panda" part of their name. They're notclosely related to the Giant pandas.

Is the red panda a panda?

NO. they are not. They are called pandas because they look between a panda and a cat. But the panda did come after the red panda. also red pandas are their OWN species pandas