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Is the sun bigger then a black hole?

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Black holes can be many different sizes. Therefore, there are some black holes that are bigger than the sun, and there are some that are smaller than the sun.
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Can the sun become a black hole?

No, the sun cannot become a black hole. Our local star has insufficient mass to be a candidate for that fate.

What is bigger a quasar or a black hole?

It depends, Black holes can go from being microscopic to supermassive black holes that entire galaxies revolve around. It all depends on which black hole and which quasar.

Can a black hole get bigger?

yes, as long as there are things that can fall into it, it can get bigger.

Can black hole suck the sun?

Sure, if it gets close enough, it might. By the way, any other object of sufficient mass could also "suck" the Sun if it gets close enough.\n Sure, if it gets close enough, i

What is a black hole on the sun called?

First of all, there cannot be a black hole on the sun because it's  to small, but technically speaking a star which is massive enough  for it's core to collapse and form a b

Is a black hole bigger than the sun?

Black holes are just a singularity and are thus very small, much  smaller in fact than our sun. However, the event horizon (point of  no return) can extend much farther in r

Can the sun be turned into a black hole?

it is possible but the chances are extremely unlikely. It is fartoo small. Most likely it will expand into a Red Giant as it dies,in about 4 thousand million years' time.

Can the sun get sucked in a black hole?

The Sun could - if a black hole stayed too close to the Sun. However, the Sun will not be sucked. The closest black hole is about 1,600 light years away.

Which is bigger a black hole or a planet?

A black hole has a much larger mass than a planet. The mass of a  black hole, however, is contained in a point that is smaller than  some fundamental particles. The event ho

How much bigger is a black hole then the sun?

Physically, a black hole has no length, width, height, radius, diameter, or size of any kind. But it can have millions or billions of times as much mass as the sun has, and i

Is a black hole bigger then the sun and all of the planets and dwarf planets and moons combined?

Generally speaking, your average black hole is very small for the  amount of mass it contains. If you had a black hole which weighed  the sum of the masses of the Sun, all o