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Yes, "is" is a word. It's the third person present tense of the verb "to be." (I am, you are, he or she or it is.)
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What is the word origin of the word 'dope'?

The American English word dope was coined in 1807, meaning "sauce, gravy, thick liquid", from the Dutch word doop, meaning "thick dipping sauce". It acquired its extension to

Is the word are a linking word or action word?

Linking verbs connect to parts of a word: the subject and then  subject complement. Linking words are words like: are, is, was,  were, and so on.    Action verbs deno

You have the definition of the word but you dont have the word?

You can use a thesaurus--that's what they are for. You can also ask on WikiAnswers something like "What is a word that means..." and put the definition in your question.

Why do we have words?

  To make sentences,& since alphabets are present.

What is the word for a word that is not a word?

Some defintions of an actual word exclude what are called utterances, or more commonly exclamations. These words may be a part of speech in some usages, but not always. Some a

What words have her in them?

her there where here heritage herpes herpetic hermetic hermaphrodite

Does the word word count as a word in word documents?

All words count as words in a word document; Even the word "word." There is even a feature on many computers that lets you count the number of words in an essay you have writt

What is an adjective word that rhymes with the word word?

An adjective's job is to modify a noun or pronoun. They are always near the noun or pronoun they are describing. Be careful how you use adjectives such as interesting, beautif

Who came up with the word word?

The English word "word" was first used before 900 AD, and is associated with many words of similar meanings in surrounding languages: the Dutch woord, German Wort, Old Norse o
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What word is she?

The word 'she' is a pronoun, a personal pronoun.   A personal pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun for a  specific person or thing.   The pronoun 'she' ta