Is there a Subway Restaurant in the mall of America?

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I think so, but I think you should check the website. The shopping directory is in the related links tab below.
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Where did Subway the restaurant get its name?

Subway was originally called Pete's Submarines after the so-called"submarine sandwich" served on a torpedo-shaped roll. When said onthe radio it sounded like "pizza marines" s

Where is the busiest Subway Restaurant in Florida?

The busiest Subway Restaurant in the state of Florida is located on the corner of Tennessee St. and Ocala Rd. in Tallahassee, Florida. It holds the record for the highest sale

How do Subway Restaurants raise money?

Subway restaurants have large inflation rates on their pricing. Most footlong subs cost less than one dollar to make yet cost five or six dollars.

Where were Subway Restaurants founded?

Subway Restaurants were founded on August 28, 1965 when the first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The owners, Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck, began franchising the c

What is the mascot for Subway restaurant?

He is not actually a mascot, his name is Jared and he was thespokesman for the franchise. A heavy diet of subway helped him loseweight for he was obese
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What is Subway restaurant uniform guideline?

I'm not sure if it depends on the owner or not but at the one that I work at, we wear our Subway shirts, Subway hat, apron, and a name tag either on the hat or our shirt. Then
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When did the first Subway restaurant open?

The first Subway restaurant was established in 1965. Subway has been around for almost 50 years. The fifty year mark will be in 2015. Subway is known for its taste and for bei