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Yes, there is. It has quite a few subjects. Check it out here:

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How do you become a Category Supervisor on WikiAnswers?

According to the Help Center of WikiAnswers: A Category Supervisor oversees one or more categories of interest. Often, those employed (or hobbyists) in a certain field will c

What subjects do you have to do in high school to get into law school?

There are no requirements. You need a 4 year Bachelors degree before you can apply to law school, so high school has NO effect on the admissions process. There aren't any cour

What school subjects in Brazil?

Hi! I'm Brazilian, and I'm at 8th grade. I study: Chemistry; Physics; Biology; Portuguese; English (in some schools you can learn Spanish too, but not in public schools); Geo

What school subjects were important in school?

Math, Science, English, Reading, Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, Technology Education (wood choop), gym-phyiscal eductaion, computer lab

What subject matter is not appropriate for WikiAnswers?

If you believe the question you asked is appropriate  please e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswers.com (no spaces) with the  exact question you asked and why you believe it is 

What are the school subjects?

The subjects that teachers teach in school are: ELA (English Language Arts aka writing and reading)Math/ChemistrySocial Studies (History)Science/Biology And that are the MAIN

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What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers?

We know "inappropriate" can be a bit subjective, so if you're  wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain!    Remember - staying safe online should b

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How do you know which category your WikiAnswers question belongs in?

To have the best chance of being answered, a question needs to be asked in the best place. Start by just asking the question with an "Ask a Question" link. After typing in you

Why is there no WikiAnswers category for this or that topic?

Topics It is often completely arbitrary why we have one category and not another. For the most part, we try to let new sections grow naturally. We've been finding that it's

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What are the Catch-all categories on WikiAnswers?

When you come across questions that have no place in WikiAnswers, there is a place where we store them. The button to your left marked "trash" will access a menu for all the c

Where is the list of categories and subcategories on WikiAnswers?

All the Categories on WikiAnswers Here is the link to all the top-level categories: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/FAQ If you want to find out which subcategories exist within a s

How do Supervisors access the answered and unanswered questions in a given WikiAnswers category from the category page?

When on the category home page (not the category topic page) youshould see all the answered questions. To get to the unansweredquestions in the category there is a link to una