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Is there a category on WikiAnswers for school subjects?

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Yes, there is. It has quite a few subjects. Check it out here:

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How can you search for a category on WikiAnswers?

There are a couple of ways to search for a category on Wiki.Answers.   The simplest way is to click on the "Browse questions" link which is in blue is located at the top of

How do you merge categories on WikiAnswers?

There is no easy way to merge categories at this time. If you think that two categories should be merged, you can write to WikiAnswers @ Answers.com (without spaces) and reque

Why is physical chemistry not a category on WikiAnswers?

For practicality, WikiAnswers cannot have categories in every discipline of a field. For example, while Palynology might be a field of Biology, it doesn't make sense to have i

Does WikiAnswers have a cross-stitch category?

I couldn't find a specific cross-stitch category - however - see the related link to the Arts & Crafts section - I think cross-stitch questions could be posted somewhere in th

How do you get to the 'Browse categories' page on WikiAnswers?

Browsing the Categories First of all, you must be signed in to be able to browse all the categories on the site. Once you have signed in, you will see the blue bar to the le

Why is life not in the categories for WikiAnswers?

Life is to general a search term. If there are more specific questions, there is likely already a category for it. Examples: What is the meaning of life? -Philosophy How

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Finding the Newest Categories WikiAnswers is home to more than 7,000 categories - everything from Cats to Cuneiform. We create new categories often. To see the listing called

How many categories on WikiAnswers do not have a category Supervisor?

As of August 27, 2011 here are the Primary and Secondary categories, 144 in total, without supervisors: Veterinary MedicineZoology or Animal BiologyReal EstateAntique & Class