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What celebrities start with the letter N?

Natalie Portman Ne-yo Nelly furtado Nicolas cage Ned Beatty Natasha Nenningfield or Nicole Richie   Well there is quite a few:for eample there's Nick Lachey, Na

What celebrity names start with an L?

Lee Majors, Leonard Nimoy, Larry Linville, WHO R THEY?! i got sum 4 ya- lil mama, lindey lohan, lucas grabeel, luke from American idol this season, Lauren Conrad,

What celebrities start with the letter v?

    vennesa hudgensen         Vanessa Hudgens Vince Vaughn Vanessa Carlton Venus Williams (well, more like athlete, but she's famous)    

What celebrities start with the letter w?

  Will Young Will Smith William Shatner   Wynona Rider   William Mosley, the guy who plays Peter in Narnia, is one.   * Lindsay Wagner   * Dionne Warwic

Celebrity surnames starting with letter B?

David Baldacci is a famous author. Alec Baldwin is a famous actor. Charles Barkley and Larry Bird are famous basketball players. Glen Beck is a famous radio and TV personal