What are the chances of getting pregnant if you were not ovulating?

Answer . \nThe chance is rare provided your are very sure that u werent ovulationg. Answer . \nPretty slim to none.. Answer . Hello.\n. \nA woman does not need t (MORE)

What are the chances of you getting pregnant if he ejaculated in you?

50% As you can only be either pregnant or not pregnant. You can break this down further as you also have a 50% chance He isn't producing good spem. 50% chance you aren't produ (MORE)

Is there Chance of getting pregnant at 43?

Yes! Though your chances are less than those at age 23, it is still possible. Read these links for more information and actual stories!!! . http://pregnancystories.blogspot (MORE)

Chances of getting pregnant when pulling out?

about the same as leaving it in. chances of getting pregnant from a guy coming in you is about 25 % or 1 in 4. pulling out can reduse the chances a little bit. but most time g (MORE)