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Is there a cheat code to unlock terry funk on smackdown vs raw 2008 for PS3?

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No, to get him you have to beat Sabu, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer in an ECW Extreme Rules Fatal-4-Way match using any character on Legendary Difficulty. (From Cheatcc.com)
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Are there cheat codes for WWE smackdown vs raw 2011?

HISTORICALBELTS - Unlocks the Million Dollar Title, Cruiserweight Title and Hardcore TitleSLURPEE - John Cena Street Fight gear and Avatar T-Shirt8thannualtribute - Tribute To

What are som cheat code to smackdown vs raw 2011?

There aren't many cheat codes on SVR 2011, but these are the codes: Tribute To The Troops arena: Enter "8thannualtribute" as a code to unlock the Tribute To The Troops arena

How do you unlock terry funk on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Play as Rey Mysterio in the Road to Wrestlemania career mode and complete the following challenges: Week 3: have Chris Jericho challenge you to a submission match on superst