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Is there a converter to turn earphones to cell phone earphones?

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What are earphones?

Earphones are used in iPods, MP3 Players and sometimes computers and Laptops. If something is amplified out loud, you can plug in Earphones, and you can hear the sound through

Why do earphones have magnets?

earphones has magnets because if no magnets the earphone will useless .. if humans has ear drums earphones has magnet.... magnetic element in headphones is typically composed

Why does a earphone cut out while using your htc phone?

The usual cause is a faulty wire somewhere between the earphone  itself and the phone. Try using another earphone that you  know works properly. If that cures the problem -

Do htc phones have earphone plugs?

Depending on the model, region, or even carrier, some HTC phones come with earphone plugs.