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I had all the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome. My family doctor prescribed a medicine used to treat the chicken pox virus (herpes). Thankfully all may symptoms went away with no recurrence. What is interesting is that even though I have already had chicken pox when I was little, the BM symptoms began a few weeks after I had come in contact with a child who had chicken pox. This may be the reason for burning mouth syndrome knowing that the herpes virus effects the nerves in the mouth. It is worth asking your doctor about !!!!!
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What duration has burning mouth syndrome?

I have had burning mouth syndrome for 6 years 7 months. It hasn't eased one iota. I would be interested if any other person has this irritating condition. I, also, had this. I

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Is burning mouth syndrome extremely rare?

Burning mouth syndrome, occurs in the oral mucosa is a burning kind of pain without obvious clinical signs of the syndrome-positive. The etiology is unclear, may be related to
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How do you get rid of burning mouth syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome is a condition that results in irritation to the gums and mouth with burn like symptoms. The exact treatment procedure will vary depending on the sever
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BMS Burning Mouth Syndrome any help out there for us suffers?

Depending on the cause of your Burning Mouth Syndrome there are  different forms of treatment for the sufferers. Some treatments for  BMS include replacing irritating dentur
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Burning Mouth Syndrome How to relieve burning pain?

Burning mouth syndrome can be caused by irritants; such as an  ill-fitting denture or medication. If this is the case, adjusting  dentures or switching medication is a commo