Is there a democracy in Portugal?

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Yes, there is a democracy in Portugal. The current president is Anibal Antonio Cavaco Silva, who was elected in 2006.
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What is democracy?

Democracy is a regime that is organised by the rule of the people. Is a rule of people by the people Democracy refers to the system of government whereby the subjectsare eligible to electing their leaders.

Where is Portugal?

Portugal is next to Spain, in the south of Europe. Is the most westcountry in this continent. A good country for vacations with thebeautiful landscapes, beatches and hills. In Europe, Portugal is southwest of Spain. Portugal is right next to Spain (both of these nations are part ofwhat is known as (MORE)

What about Portugal?

Some facts about Portugal include the fact that over 230 millionpeople speak Portuguese and Portugal produces half of the world'scork. Portugal is also the home of the largest Santa Claus parade.

How are you in Portugal?

As upset about the global economy crysis, as outraged about the war and as unhappy with our local government as any other country out there. So... doing fine.

Health in Portugal?

The health system in Portugal has undergone great changes.. Recently a great ammount of medical facilities were shut down due to low turn-out, focusing the technology and resources in greater city centers in an attempt to muster better economic-efficient results.. Civil servants are offered health (MORE)

Who governs Portugal?

A president named Cavaco Silva and the prime minister Jose Socrates . Jose Sócrates, from the Portuguese Socialist Party, its the Portuguese Prime-Minister. The President is Cavaco Silva, from the Portuguese Social-Democracy Party

What is Portugal like?

Portugal is a wonderful european country, with many traditions and ancient customs. A tasteful cuisine, magnificent landscapes, nice people, and an advanced culture. Many amazing places to visit, lovely songs to listen. Castles and ancient cities are worthwhile to visit as well. text by Jim west70 ( (MORE)

Does Portugal have a president?

Yes, the Portuguese democracy has the position of "Presidente da República" (President of the Republic), who is the head of state and the commander-in-chief. The current holder of the title is Aníbal Cavaco Silva, and the next election is in January 2011.

What to wear in Portugal?

They like to wear things like us but different. They do not have a traditional costum or something like that. .

What is exported from Portugal?

According to the CIA World Factbook, Portugal's major exports are agricultural products, food products, wine, oil products, chemical products, plastics and rubber, hides, leather, wood and cork, wood pulp and paper, textile materials, clothing, footwear, machinery and tools

What does Portugal grow?

Portugal has a mediterranean agriculture structure.. Mainly there're olives, wines, tobbaco, corn, wheat, rice, oranges, grapes, olive oil.... In Madeira islands and in Azores grows: pineapples, bananas, wine, exotic fruits

What rivers are there in Portugal?

there are many types of rivers in Portugal some are man made naturally made and many more however i heard that the abaido river is in Portugal and is a lovely site and a very nice place to visit to..... thank you for reading my answer and i hope you get a lot of information from it and the (MORE)

What landmarks are in Portugal?

There was a recent election to vote on the 7 wonders of Portugal. - The Belem Tower in Lisbon. - Jeronimos' Monestery in Lisbon. - The Bone Chappel in Evora. - The Sintra Palace in Sintra. - Guimarães Castle in Guimarães. - Tower of Clerigos in Porto. Are a few I can remember fr (MORE)

What does Portugal import?

In 2005 Portugal's top imports were machinery and transport equipment ; manufactured goods ; mineral fuels ; lubricated materials ; chemicals and related products. Portugal spent $18,794,858,000 [USD] for machinery and transport equipment. Manufactured goods cost $9,700,383,000 [USD]. Minera (MORE)

Is Portugal a country?

Yes. Portugal has been an independent country since 1640. It recently became a Constitutional Republic in 1974.

What is the flag of Portugal?

The flag of Portugal has a two-color field that's unequally divided between about 2/5 dark green and 3/5 scarlet red. Centered over the color boundary between green and red is a version of the national coat of arms. The coat of arms shows the Portuguese shield without laurel wreaths, on top of an a (MORE)

Is Portugal in Spain?

No! They are on the same peninsula but are two different countries touching each other!

How long is Portugal?

Mainland Portugal is around 349 miles [562 kilometers] in length from the northernmost point in the village of Cevide in the North Region [Região Norte] to the southernmost point in Cabo de Santa Maria [Cape St. Mary] in the Algarve Region [Região Algarve].

What mountains are there in Portugal?

To name just a few, from the highest to the lowest: Serra do Pico, Serra da Estrela, Pico Ruivo, Pico do Arieiro, Serra do Gerês, Serra do Larouco, Serra do Montesinho, Serra da Peneda and Serra do Marão.

What is a democracy?

Democracy Is a form of government In which thesupreme power Is held completely by the people via freeelections. In a pure democracy the majority always wins and canpersecute the minority. In a democratic republic, like the US,there is a constitution and certain rights which can not beabridged e (MORE)

Are there mountains in Portugal?

yes there are polkadotted mountains in Portugal. and remember they are strawberry shaped you have to realise the strawberry is pointy bit face down, so they all have a huge overhang at the bottom.

What do Portugal eat?

Portugal is a country, so it doesn't eat anything, but the Portuguese people do eat. Portuguese people eat many different things, but you will find many fish dishes since it is a country very connected (culturally and physically) with the ocean. Actually some studies say that Portugal is the 3rd co (MORE)

What is the weather in Portugal?

Most of the time it's very hot over there. If you want daily weather, you might wanna check out the msn weather website and type in lisbon, Portugal

What are the Ethnicities of Portugal?

Portugal WAS in 2001 98.0% Portuguese 1.5% Other White 0.3% Maghreb or Muslim 0.1% Black 0.1% Other In 2012: 99.1% EUROPEAN DESCENT (2050: 94%) -96.1% Portuguese (By 2050, will drop to nearly 75%) -1.6% Ukrainian (Very High fertility and migration; prjctd. to be 15% by 2050!) (MORE)

Why did Portugal explore?

Portugal used to make business with India, but the Arabian countries closed their frontiers stopping the Portuguese ships to pass. Portugal had to find another way to get there so they went around Africa. In little time they settle colonies in the continent so it would be faster. The discover of Bra (MORE)

What is Portugal associated with?

The obvious answer is: the sea. Historically they were explorers, discovering and owning "half" of the world at some point. It's known as the country of the navigators after all.

Is Portugal in Europe?

Yes, Portugal is located in Europe. Portugal is in Europe. It is also a member of the European Union.

What is the climate of Portugal?

Summers are hot and dry throughout Portugal, particularly in theAlgarve, which experiences very little rain. But refreshing seabreezes make conditions pleasant. Winters are cold and wet,particularly in the northern and west coast regions. Spring andautumn are good times to visit because of cheaper r (MORE)

Is Portugal a city?

Portugal is not a city. It is a small country in Europe next to Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.

When was Portugal discovered?

Portugal was not discovered. Portugal was pioneer in The Discoveries! Portugal was not discovered ... Portugal is an European country and as such it had advanced civilizations for millenniums living there . The term "discovered" only applies to more isolated countries and continents like Oceania and (MORE)

What it a democracy?

Democracy is a political government, carried out by a) directly by the peole, or b) by a representitive of the people. 2 Importan features of democracy: 1) Equality before the law 2) Freedom and rights are protected by court

Why do we have democracy?

We have a 'representative democracy' because people banded together and agreed to form a government for the benefit of all. Eventually it was decided that the best way to run this government would be through a representative democracy, where all adults would have one vote on each type of representat (MORE)

Where is Portugal in Europe?

Portugal is land's end in extreme southwestern Europe , where it's bordered by Spain on the north and east sides, the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and the Mediterranean Sea on the south.

What makes Portugal Portugal?

The hospitality, the great great wine, weather, beaches,latino-corrupto mentality, smugglers tradition and fantastic foodand relaxed attitude, both of which take in the best of manyMediterranean cultures.

Who is in Portugal fc?

No. Position Player . 1. GK. Mike Silva. 2. DF. Jamaal Smith. 5. MF. Luca Zucal. 6. DF. Frank Ruscetta. 7. MF. Marco Casalinuovo. 8. MF. Carlos Nogueira. 9. FW. Andrea Lombardo. 10. MF. Frankie Bruno. 11. FW. Luca Forno. No. Position Player . 13. MF. Sergio (MORE)

In the morning what do you do in Portugal?

Well it depends. I get up at 7:15 to go to school. I have breakfast, I take a Shower and I dress myself to be there at 8:30. I take the metro, it's a 15 min ride from my house to my school, after 5 min walking to the transport. There is also traffic like every other country and movement all over the (MORE)

What wildlife is in Portugal?

if you do your research on Portuguese wildlife, you will take a journey into a wondrous land of many animals. the relaxed climate of Portugual provides habitat for animals such as sea birds, a variety of turtles, and typical beach rats. those are just a few that live on the coastal areAs; however, P (MORE)

What is Portugals mascot?

Portugal doesn't have any official mascot, but Galo de Barcelos which means Barcelos Rooster is usually used as a symbol of Portugal. Barcelos is a Portuguese city and its popular for one legend about a rooster. The Barcelos Rooster image is very different and stylized and if Portugal would have a (MORE)

What is democracy and why democracy?

Democracy is a political form of government in which people choose the representatives through elections and runs the administration of the country. Democracy is important because it gives the right to the people to express their views or opinions. In democracy people are free, there is freedom. (MORE)

When did Portugal be named Portugal?

Well, in 1128 the, soon to be the first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques created the Portucalense county after a war against his mother's armys the king, in 1143, against the wishes of the Pope created Portugal.

Why is a democracy a democracy?

Though democracy has no commonly-accepted definition, it is understood to be a type of regime that bases its legitimacy (or right to power) with the people. The people oversee the government (day-to-day operation of the state) and participate in its operation.

Is Portugal in the equator?

The equator does not go through Portugal. Portugal is north of theequator. No part of Portugal is less than about 2,550 miles fromthe equator. The point in Portugal that's closest to the equator isin about the same position (latitude) as Hampton VA, SpringfieldMO, and Fresno CA.

Who discovered Portugal and when?

Nobody "discovered" Portugal. Portugal became a single political entity in the late 11th centuryand throughout the 12th century gained consciousness of politicalindependence from any kind of vassalage, except of the Pope'sprotection.

Why do we have a democracy?

We have a democracy so that in the proposal ofdevelopment and establishment of the laws by which our society isrun.