Is there a difference between the vaginal mucus ovulation and pregnancy mucus?

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Vaginal Mucus
  • In my experience (I have two kids), your ovulation discharge usually looks like egg whites, and when you are pregnant, you may have no discharge at all, or a slight creamy textured discharge that you may not even notice, but it does not look like ovulation discharge.
  • I have a great deal more creamy mucus since I got pregnant.
  • From what I have learned and read, when you are ovulating it is a little less thick, more "runny" so to speak, it is stretchy, if you put it between your thumb and finger and close and let go, it can "stretch" and this is because during the 3 days of ovulation when u can get pregnant, it is easier for the sperm to travel and live in that environment. It thickens after.
  • I'm 3 months pregnant right now and I have so much discharge it's amazing. It smells different and is just constant. I have 2 kids and dont remember having this much. I did have more but not this much.
  • Just my personal opinion, but I think that ovulation discharge is minimized if you become pregnant. I searched all over for the answer to this question and was so happy when I found this site, because I think it could be one of the very first signs of pregnancy (at least I'm hoping so at the moment). It is never listed as one though. So, my theory may very well be wrong. It makes sense to me that the discharge is minimized once the "goal" is achieved. And the egg stays in you and doesn't have to come out.
  • Am not yet sure if I am pregnant but being kind of pedantic about this topic I have been checking my mucus throughout this cycle as there has been a possibility of being pregnant after intercourse over my first 10 days of cycle. At the time when I normally ovulate (day 14) either I am imagining things or the mucus was different than normal. It was more like lotion and less sticky than what normal ovulation mucus looks like. Since then I have noticed dramatic reduction in my normal discharge, in fact it's almost nothing. Also I have either eaten something bad or I am pregnant and am experiencing the diarrohea symptom. Period is now 2 days late. Will report back shortly!
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