Is there a drought Nigeria?

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No there's not. During America's summertime, Nigeria has its rainy season and during wintertime in America, Nigeria has its hot season, but there's never any drought.
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How do droughts form?

A drought is an extended period of months or years when a regionnotes a deficiency in its water supply. Generally, this occurs whena region receives consistently below average precipitation. It canhave a substantial impact on the ecosystem and agriculture of theaffected region. Although droughts can (MORE)

Where is Nigeria?

On the continent of Africa, under the western bulge, near the equator. Nigeria is located in west Africa. It's located south of Niger, west of Cameroon and east of Benin. Chad also shares a small border on North-East Nigeria. (see related map link)

Who has problems with the drought?

Drought affects the whole life in the area where it occurs. All the living objects are badly influenced by the lack of water. The first prey to this phenonmenon are the animals. People keep the fauna from water and water resources away so that human life may be saved. The next victim are the babblin (MORE)

What are the consequences of drought?

Drought can have serious health, social, economic and political impacts with far-reaching consequences. Water is one of the most essential commodities for human survival, second only to breathable air. So when there is a drought, which by definition means having too little water to meet current dem (MORE)

How are droughts caused?

Drought is a condition when rain completely fails ponds, rivers, lakes dries up animals die as there is no food or water.

Why do droughts happen?

A drought is an extended period of significantly below average precipitation in a region. Severe droughts occur commonly in the interior and towards the western coast of continents, particularly Africa and Australia. However, they can occur anywhere, and with different levels of severity. Drou (MORE)

Where does drought occur?

In hot dry areas of land. Usually where there is minimum rainfall. If the rain does fall it is usually quickly absorbed into the ground or blown away by the dry air flow that moves along the ground. Therefore the ground is dry and not many things can live there.

What are the effects of droughts?

Rise in Temperature Droughts may be linked to a rise in temperature which may bring insects like locusts and mosquitoes. Hunger and famine In a drought there may be not enough water to grow crops, or enough grass and grain to feed animals. Food prices will go up and only the rich can buy. If (MORE)

Consequences of drought?

One major consequence of a drought is that crops, trees, and planscan not grow to their fullest ability. Because of this, the economyalso suffers as farmers cannot sell their grown products.

When do droughts occur?

Droughts occur when there is no rain in a place for three or four hours.The Earth gets preached and cracks,lakes and tanks dry up; well water goes down,there is shortage of even drinking water.Crops dry up and the price of food goes up.Poor people die, as they cannot buy food.

How can the drought be stopped?

You cannot stop the drought. You can only alleviate the conditions. You can do this by:. Avoiding using running taps unnecessarily, e.g. when washing dishes and when cleaning teeth . Avoid washing your car or watering the garden with a hose . Install rainwater tanks to catch whatever rain does fa (MORE)

Why is drought bad?

Unless there is man-made irrigation, then during a drought mostvegetation will suffer, and perhaps die. Farm crops will fail togrow to harvest, causing food shortages.

What do you do if you are in a drought?

The best thing is to conserve water as much as you can.. Avoid running taps unnecessarily, e.g. for washing dishes or cleaning your teeth . Take shorter showers . Don't use the hose or sprinklers on your garden . Install rainwater tanks to catch whatever rain does fall .

How affective can a drought be?

A drought can cause crops to die and areas affected will have very little water. Many people and animals will therefore die from the lack of food or water. So I guess you can say that it is very effective.

What do you do during a drought?

During Droughts, most Governments advise to drink less water, bathe less often, wash cars less often, etc. When a drought becomes VERY serious, there is a limit for each person to use water.

Does Australia have a drought?

Most of Australia, other than the tropics, has been in drought for the past 12 years. Periodically, shires (regions) are taken off the list of drought-declared areas, but given Australia's essentially dry nature, they are returned to the list within months..

Where do you find a drought?

Droughts can be found in all the continents, but Australia and Africa are particularly drought-prone. At any time, there is at least one area in Australia which is a declared drought region.

How do you stop drought?

You cannot stop a drought. A drought is mostly found in the plains and is weather we cannot control.

What should you do in a drought?

Well, other then the advice of getting the heck out of there, I would suggest going to high elevation, and try to find a mountain,tree or lake. If you find a tree (works best with oak) try scouring the land near it so that you can mabye find moss to soak up the water supply to the plant. If you find (MORE)

What is a socioeconomic drought?

Socioeconomic drought occurs when the demand for an economic goods exceeds supply as a result of a weather-related shortfall in water supply. The supply of many economic goods, such as water, forage, food grains, fish, and hydroelectric power, depends on weather. Due to variability of climate, water (MORE)

What do Australians do about droughts?

Many Australians have a greater awareness of the need to conserve water. Common practices include: . Avoiding running taps unnecessarily, e.g. for washing dishes or cleaning one's teeth . Taking shorter showers . Limiting the use of hoses or sprinklers on the garden . Installing rainwater tanks (MORE)

How do you reduce drought?

Use water convenient items such as low water showers and 4 minute timers etc. You can also wash your car say once a fortnight instead of daily

How does drought occurs?

Most of the times drought occur due to lack of rains in that place which results in the drying of wells, lakes, rivers and underground water sources and eventually leading to water scarcity and thus leading to drought.

What does Nigeria have?

Nigeria is rich in Agriculture. It is also one of the highest distributors of oil in the World. It houses one of the biggest Head Offices for the Oil company, 'Shell'

Why does Australia get drought?

Warm air rises; cold air sinks. The equator is hot; air rises then cools down by adiabatic effect and causes clouds and precipitations. The poles are cold; air sinks and warms up by the same effect. Any cloud then evaporates. If it wasn't for the earth's rotation and the Coriolis Effect, the ris (MORE)

How can you be safe in a drought?

A drought is not the sort of natural disaster that sweeps in suddenly, taking people unaware. It is a slow, gradual process, and physical danger is not an issue. The biggest problem is long-term water loss and restrictions, and this is best addressed by careful conservation and usage of water at all (MORE)

What do you do after a drought?

When a drought is over, farmers can plant their crops again, villagers can grow their food again, urban dwellers can water their lawns again, wild herbivores will have vegetation to eat and wild carnivores will feed on the increased numbers of herbivores. Many will be happy, though not all the herbi (MORE)

Can a drought be predicted?

Droughts can be predicted up to a point. Meteorologists can use current and past weather patterns and climate trends to determine whether or not these meteorological influences will result in reduced rain in a particular region. The El Nino weather pattern, for example, brings dry conditions to A (MORE)

Is drought an adjective?

The word drought is a noun, although sometimes used as an adjective (drought conditions), the correct adjective form is droughty.

What does drought affect?

a drought is where there is no rainfall for a long period of time making vegetation unable to grow and animals unable to survive. :)

How are drought formed?

It is forned by a lack of rainfall, high pressure weather, mountains prevent rainfalls from reaching other side of the moutain that needs rain, poor farming, and many fertilizers can make soil lose its moisture. Hope I helped :)

How do droughts end?

Precipitation, most likely rain, But can rain somewhere else, and flash flood, or just ephemeral rivers/streams form

Is Australia in a drought?

Almost any region of Australia, apart from the tropics, can be indrought at any time. Periodically, shires (regions) are taken offthe list of drought-declared areas, but given Australia'sessentially dry nature, they are returned to the list withinmonths. In 2013, Australia is emerging from a La Nin (MORE)

Where is the most Drought?

mainly austrailia because of its dry and humid departure's but it is suprisingly very nice and the 2nd, asia because there was a devastaing drought that starves over 10 million people D:

Are there droughts in Chile?

There are droughts in Chile . They have droughts over there because it doesn't even rain. The last one they had happened for the last 400 years ago!

Where is is Nigeria?

Nigeria is locates in the second popular continent in the worldafrica and its divided into poor and rich people and have popularland marks and rich people in africa have rich people clothes andmansions and have cars from the usa now today africa is cool butasia is number 1 popular continent in the w (MORE)

What is a drought in Mesopotamia?

Most of Mesopotamia is hot and dry. Their water came from theTigris and Euphrates river systems, and they trapped it in dams andcanals for irrigation. In years when the rains failed in theheadwaters of the rivers, there was a shortage of water which didnot replensh the warwe storages and spread silt (MORE)