Is there a good light for growing plants?

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the best light for plants is sun light , put your plants on the window stil or plant outside
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Where can you find grow lights for plants?

Grow lights are usually purchased from a local specialty store that can be found in the yellow pages listed under either INDOOR GARDENING or HYDROPNICS. The internet is also

Can a plant grow with a blue light?

Depends on what kind of plant. Plants with red and yellow leaves, such as maple, absorb more blue light. I use a blue LED light for my herbs growing. And my herbs are growing
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Why does the growing plant need the light?

The growing plant requires photosynthesis, without light photosynthesis is unable to take place. Plants feed off photosynthesis as they consume Carbon Dioxide and Water, with
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Why does a plant grow toward the light?

A plant is a living organism just like us. If we needed water and were in the desert, where would we go? Towards a river. A plant is just like that. Plants need sunlight to ma
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Why do plants grow more in light?

They use chlorophyl in their leaves to turn the light into glucose (food) and therefore with more light, they get more food, so grow faster.
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What lighting does a plant grow best?

\n Plants all grow differently in different lighting, depending on the plant it could grow best in shade or direct sunlight it all depends on what the plant is.
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Is there light on the moon to grow plants?

There is light on the moon. However, none of the other necessarythings are present. There is no air, no liquid water, no soilnutrients, and nothing to shield against solar rad